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Top 5 Pale Beauty YouTubers

Who would've thought 10 years ago that You-Tubing could be a full time career for so many people?! There are so many people who try to break into the beauty community on YouTube but only a small number of those people become 'YouTube Famous'. I love watching YouTube tutorials, beauty hauls and anything make up related on YouTube and I think it's where most of my obsession with make up stemmed from. Specifically, I love watching pale skinned YouTubers because they can swatch or apply make up to their skin and show me what it will look like on mine!
These are some of my favourite Pale Skin Beauty YouTubers and I've included a link to their YouTube accounts so you can check them out yourself!

1. Thataylaa - 
Thataylaa is an American beauty vlogger based in Seattle who is very pale and loves all things black and white - which is right up my alley! She is my absolute favourite YouTuber because she is so down to earth, real and her s…

My Make Up Storage

My make up collection is really quite small compared to what a lot of people have but to others it might seem over the top. When I starting getting more interested in make up, I realised this stuff would no longer fit into one make up bag! So I purchased some different forms of storage in an attempt to organise the rapidly growing collection. I've left links to either the exact form of storage that I have for each section of make up or a similar product, although all of the acrylic storage came as clear plastic and I have covered them with black adhesive wrap.  You will realise, I am a bit gothic at heart so I love everything black!

Dressing Table(£125) & Chair(£18.00)
Again, these come separately and the table has a built in mirror which folds to close and 4 draws. 2 of the drawers are deep drawers and the other 2 are shallow. In one of the shallow drawers, I have my big eyeshadow palettes and in the other shallow drawer I have my hand creams and spare nail polishes, nail cuti…

100 Beauty Blog Ideas

Whether you've got writers block or you're just struggling for ideas, this list was designed for fellow beauty bloggers to inspire and give ideas for new blog posts! Many of these ideas can be aimed specifically at various people, e.g. best concealers for pale skin, or step by step smokey eye look for hooded eyes. With the huge number of brands and products within the beauty industry, you should never be stuck on ideas for writing a beauty blog! 

1.Favourite Drugstore Beauty Products 2.Luxury Beauty Items Worth The Money 3.Favourite High-End Beauty Products 4.Everyday Skincare Routine 5.Best of Beauty Under £5 6.Make Up Haul 7.Haircare Favourites 8.Easy Hairstyles 9.Pamper Products 10. Favourite Make Up Brushes 11. Best & Worst Primers 12. Step By Step Full Coverage Base  13. Best Single Eyeshadows 14. Monthly Hits & Misses 15. Christmas Make Up Inspiration

10 Things Tall Girls Are Tired of Hearing

Being tall has it's advantages and disadvantages. I am 6 ft 1 (185cm) and I have always been tall - when I was at school, I was always the tallest in the class and I was 6 ft tall at 12 years old. By 16 years old, I was 6 ft 1. When you're this tall as a female, you attract a lot of attention - I can't walk into a room without people staring. They usually stare at my face and then you see their eyes drop down to look at my feet - because I must be wearing heels (I almost never am). So at 6 ft 1, there are certain comments and questions you hear almost every day - more so when you're younger I think. I've heard them all! So here's 10 questions and comments that tall girls are tired of hearing!

1. Do you play netball / basketball? 
 - I played netball for 8 years, so yes, I fit the stereotype of tall girls, but this is a question we hear so often it gets boring! Just because you're tall, does not mean that you are automatically athletic and lots of tall girls …

Top 10 Highlighters For Pale Skin

When I first starting getting more obsessed with make up, highlighters were the new big thing. I saw YouTubers saying that certain highlighters were better than others so I went with those ones - only to find out that actually, there are lots of different shades of highlighter and lots of different types too, and not every shade suits every person! So I did a load of research and found lots of pale - skin friendly products and I tried and tested them! Here are my top 10 highlighters for pale skin (although these are in no particular order).

(swatches from left to right are numbers 1-7) 
1. NYX Illuminating Bronzer - Ritualistic - £9.50
This was one of the first white based highlighters that I tried after seeing a YouTube video raving about it. I've spoken about this product before in my Top 10 NYX products blog post and it is still one of my favourite highlighters. It is a very pigmented highlighter but it is buildable, so you can create a more natural look with a light hand or a v…

Cruelty Free Make Up & Beauty

Since 2013, animal tested cosmetics have been banned in the EU, however, some ingredients within the cosmetics can still be tested. Companies who sell in China are required to test on animals by law. You might have heard of L'Oreal's shocking reputation for animal testing - they are a huge company who own many cosmetic and beauty brands, including Lancome, NYX, The Body Shop, Urban Decay, Maybelline and Essie - amongst others. L'Oreal claims they no longer test on animals themselves, however, they do allow animal testing and they pay for it. Some of the brands that L'Oreal own do not test on animals.

If you've read my blog before, you probably know that I love animals - I have two dogs. Unfortunately, it is difficult to be addicted to make up and beauty products and not purchase some products that have been tested on animals. Also, often even if a brand is cruelty free, they may be part of a company who does test on animals, so a lot of people argue by buying those…