Top 5 Pale Beauty YouTubers

Who would've thought 10 years ago that You-Tubing could be a full time career for so many people?! There are so many people who try to break into the beauty community on YouTube but only a small number of those people become 'YouTube Famous'. I love watching YouTube tutorials, beauty hauls and anything make up related on YouTube and I think it's where most of my obsession with make up stemmed from. Specifically, I love watching pale skinned YouTubers because they can swatch or apply make up to their skin and show me what it will look like on mine!
These are some of my favourite Pale Skin Beauty YouTubers and I've included a link to their YouTube accounts so you can check them out yourself!

1. Thataylaa - 
Thataylaa is an American beauty vlogger based in Seattle who is very pale and loves all things black and white - which is right up my alley! She is my absolute favourite YouTuber because she is so down to earth, real and her skin tone and type matches mine, as well as a lot of her personal preferences when it comes to make up. Taylor has over 342,000 subscribers and I'm really not surprised she is so popular. She focuses a lot on foundations for acne prone pale skin and she often uses her large following to raise money for charity.

2. Some Girl Jess -
Some Girl Jess is a Canadian beauty vlogger who has over 55,000 subscribers. She is super pale and very naturally beautiful! She does a lot of testing make up videos, hauls and tutorials and she comes across as a genuinely nice person. She makes high quality videos and I'm surprised she doesn't have a bigger following but I think she will get there one day.

3. My Pale Skin - 
My Pale Skin is a British beauty vlogger who became YouTube famous almost overnight when her video "You Look Disgusting" went viral (if you haven't seen it, she made a video which highlighted the amount of cyber bullying and negative / hurtful comments are thrown around social media) and has now received 24 million views. It was a hard hitting, emotional video specifically focusing on battling acne.  Now she has over 1 million subscribers and makes a variety of high quality beauty videos.

4. Arna Alayne -
Arna Alayne is a beautiful pale skinned beauty vlogger from New Zealand who has incredibly pale skin. She makes a large amount of videos specifically based on pale skin - i.e. best bronzers for pale skin. She is very well spoken and has a PhD. Arna Alayne has over 38,000 subscribers but again, I am surprised that she is not more popular, given the high quality of her videos.

5. Kayla Hagey -
Kayla Hagey is a pale skinned beauty vlogger from LA who has over 95,000 subscribers. Kayla makes a lot of high quality beauty related videos and is always publishing new and different content. Again, she seems like a genuinely nice person and doesn't get caught up in the 'wanting to get famous' like a lot of beauty vloggers do.

I hope this helps anyone looking for some new pale skinned beauty vloggers to follow!

Sarah (aka. Pale Princess) x