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One Brand Review - Sleek Make Up

Sleek is one of those brands that you hear a lot about certain products, but a lot of them are never spoken about, so I thought I would write a blog post about the Sleek products I have and what my thoughts are on them. Alongside the products listed below, I have used the Cream Contour palette which used to be raved about, but the palest version was WAY too dark for my skin, and even the contour shades were orange or too dark so there was no way I could use it - hence I don’t have it anymore to include in this blog post. Sleek make up in sold in Boots stores and online as well as Superdrug. I love the packaging of all Sleek products - it is usually ‘sleek’ (ironically) matte black packaging which is right up my street.

Solstice Highlighter Palette - £9.99
I’ve spoken about this palette before, because it’s a cult favourite palette and it’s also great for pale skin. In this palette, you get 3 powder highlighters and 1 cream highlighter. The powder highlighters give an intense sheen (th…

Top 10 Primark Beauty Products

Fun fact - Scottish people say “Pre-mark” instead of “Pri-mark” even though Primark released a statement saying “Pri-mark” is the correct pronounciation. I feel like nowadays, I only go into Primark to look at their beauty products and have a quick look at accessories but I very rarely buy clothes anymore in Primark. In recent years, Primark have massively stepped up their game with their beauty products and I love so many of their products. These are just a few of my favourite products.

1. Hydrating Boost Eye Gel - £3.00
This is one of their newer beauty products and is one of my favourites. This eye gel comes in a plastic tub with a screw top and you get 15ml of product. A little of this gel goes a long way so I feel like the tub will last a very long time. The gel is a pretty blue colour and has a relatively thick consistency. When you apply this gel, it feels cooling on the skin and doesn’t sting my eyes at all. It sinks in relatively quickly and doesn’t feel greasy or sticky and …