Top 10 Primark Beauty Products

Fun fact - Scottish people say “Pre-mark” instead of “Pri-mark” even though Primark released a statement saying “Pri-mark” is the correct pronounciation. I feel like nowadays, I only go into Primark to look at their beauty products and have a quick look at accessories but I very rarely buy clothes anymore in Primark. In recent years, Primark have massively stepped up their game with their beauty products and I love so many of their products. These are just a few of my favourite products.

1. Hydrating Boost Eye Gel - £3.00
This is one of their newer beauty products and is one of my favourites. This eye gel comes in a plastic tub with a screw top and you get 15ml of product. A little of this gel goes a long way so I feel like the tub will last a very long time. The gel is a pretty blue colour and has a relatively thick consistency. When you apply this gel, it feels cooling on the skin and doesn’t sting my eyes at all. It sinks in relatively quickly and doesn’t feel greasy or sticky and your under-eyes feel hydrated and refreshed afterwards. This is a great product for the price - I prefer it to some high-end, expensive eye creams and gels! This is a must have for me.

2. P.S Matte Liquid Foundation - £3.00
For £3, I was not expecting a lot from this foundation. Usually, as I'm sure all pale girls will agree, when you buy cheap foundations, you expect it to be a lovely shade of tangerine. However, this is not the case with this one! It applies nicely, is a medium coverage foundation and lasts a relatively long time on my skin. It does oxidise a bit, but not a huge amount. To me, this foundation doesn't dry down fully matte unless you set it with a powder. It does go oily throughout the day, despite the face it is oil free, but for £3 a bottle, I'm not expecting it to last for 24 hours! I quite like mixing this foundation with other foundations - not really for any reason other than experimenting. The plastic bottle also comes with a pump and you get 40ml of product, which is more than a standard foundation bottle (30ml). It's a great buy for such a low price!

3. P.S Round Cosmetic Cotton Wool Pads x120 - 50p
This might be a simple one that most people know, but I use round cotton wool pads every single day to take off any left over make up (after using a wipe) and to apply my skincare products, morning and night. Now, I've tried Boots cotton wool pads (£1.69 for 100), Superdrug Cotton Wool Pads (£1.69 for 100) and Morrison's cotton wool pads (£1 for 100) etc etc. but the Primark ones are by far the cheapest and best quality. You get a larger amount in them and they don't disintegrate as your applying skincare products, like some do. They are soft but strudy. You can also buy 120 larger oval cotton wool pads from Primark for 90p if you prefer larger ones. I pick up a pack of these every time I'm in Primark and keep a stash of them at all times!

4. P.S Pro Skin Perfecting Face Mask - £5.00
This face mask is one of their newer beauty products. It contains kaolin clay, glycolic acid and grapefruit and claims to refine and brighten. I've researched a few key ingredients in skincare products before and I know that kaolin clay is fab for dragging out dirt / impurities from your pores and grapefruit is meant to brighten your skin. This product smells mostly like grapefruit, which is a nice change for a clay face mask. It's got quite a thick consistency but is easy to apply and spread on your face with a foundation brush or with your fingers. It dries down completely within about 5 minutes and does feel quite tight on your skin. When you wash it off, your skin feels soft and clean but not too dry like a lot of similar face masks. I use a lot of different face masks so it's hard to tell whether this makes a massive difference to my skin but it is a nice face mask to use and for the price, it's a great product. You get 100ml of product in the squeeze tube.

5. P.S Brow Set Gel (Cool Brown) - £1.00
Because my hair is naturally blonde, I have blonde eyebrows but I dye my hair a dark purple colour. This means that I need to effectively colour in my eyebrows dark brown to have them somewhat matching. I love using brow gel (sometimes known as brow mascara) because it is so easy and quick to use and it tends to look much more natural. This brow gel is a bargain at £1. It is quite a dark brown colour (which I like) and it is cool toned, but this gel does come in other shades. The brush is a good size for the average sized eyebrow, not too big and not too small, which makes application very easy. I find that as soon as this dries, it doesn’t budge and stays on all day. It seems ridiculous paying £5+ for an eyebrow gel when you can pick one up for just £1 in Primark! You get 7ml of product in the tube.

6. P.S Lip Liner Pencil (001 and 09)  - £1.00
You can’t go wrong with a £1 lip liner in my opinion! These lip liners are soft and creamy but also pigmented. I tend to use lip liners either just on their own to colour my lips or as a base under liquid lipsticks to make them last longer. I don’t do the whole “over lining” my lips because I’ve tried it and it just looks ridiculous on me! I find that these lip liners work both ways and last a long time on my lips. They aren’t kiss / smudge proof, although I wouldn’t expect that from a lip liner, but they don’t transfer onto my teeth and they are just as good as some of the much more expensive lip liners that I own. These come in quite a few different shades and to me, they are a must have in your make up kit.

7. P.S Love To Glow Face Mask - £3.00
I picked up this face mask, thinking it was super affordable so it didn't really matter if it was any good or not.. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this for the first time! It comes in a nice glass pot and you get 50ml of product (the same as L'Oreal Clay Face Masks). The mask claims to be exfoliating and smoothing, purifying and brightening and it contains Moroccan Clay and Himalayan Bamboo Charcoal. It is a pale grey colour and is quite a thin formula with exfoliating beads - it smells like your average clay face mask. When first applied, this face mask has a cooling effect on your skin and within about 10 minutes, it has dried down completely and feels tight. I leave this face mask on for around 30 minutes and then wash it off - it is relatively easy to remove, unlike similar face masks I've tried. Afterwards, it left my skin feeling very soft, clean and a little dry (but nothing crazy). This face mask really reminds me of the Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask (which retails for £16), only the Body Shop mask is slightly thicker with more natural exfoliating elements (literally small chunks of twig!). Overall, I am very impressed by this mask for only £3.

8. P.S Pro Anti-Blemish Oil Balancing Primer - £5.00
I've spoken about this primer before and it's still one of my favourite primers. The first time I tried this primer, it became one of my favourites immediately. It has a gel formula, which is not too siliconey, and it has a fresh, minty, aloe-vera scent. It sinks in quickly and feels really refreshing on the skin. It doesn't feel fully matte but it doesn't feel dewy either - it just gives you a smooth base to apply foundation onto. I'm not sure if this actually helps my skin, but it definitely doesn't break me out. This also contains salicylic acid, witch hazel and aloe vera, which are all great ingredients if you have acne prone skin. I do feel like it blurs my pores and keeps my oils at bay. I've also found it works well with most of my foundation collection. For £5, I would definitely recommend this primer. You get 30ml of product in the squeeze tube.

9. P.S Strong Nails Nail Hardener - £1.00
This is a must have product for me. It doesn't have a scent at all, unlike a lot of similar products I've tried. It doesn't fully dry, so you have to rub it into your nails, kind of like a cuticle and nail oil. Within 10 minutes of applying it, your nails feel instantly harder and the effect lasts about a week. It does leave a slight greasy / oily film on your nails until you wash your hands or wipe it off, but that doesn't really bother me. You get 10ml of product in the glass bottle and it has a brush just like a nail polish. For just £1, this is definitely worth picking up and deserves it's spot in the Top 10 Primark Beauty Products. I would also recommend Primark's nail polishes as they tend to be around 90p, have a great range of colours and are great quality.

10. Super Matte Liquid Lipstick (01 Kim) - £2.00
This is a good, affordable liquid lipstick if you are on a budget. They do come in a range of shades, but I picked up the lightest one I could see at the time, which was 01 Kim. I did expect it to be more of a nude shade, but it is definitely a baby pink shade. The formula is smooth and quite thin - the consistency reminds me of the NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks. The liquid lipstick is quite pigmented, but for this particular shade, it does need two layers or a base coat of a lip liner to completely cover your lips. It dries down to fully matte within about 5 minutes and is slightly drying on your lips (I find the same with the NYX Lip Lingerie Lipsticks) but if you wear a lip balm underneath, it's absolutely fine. Once it has dried down, it is pretty long lasting and is transfer proof even through food and drink. It has a flat applicator and you get 7ml of product in the tube.

Let me know in the comments below if you've tried any of these products and what your thoughts are on them!

Sarah (aka. Pale Princess) x