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Bloomtown Botanicals Review

Bloomtown Botanicals is a British company based in Cornwall in the UK. It was created in 2016 and already has over 10,000 followers on Instagram. They are a completely cruelty-free company – they do not test on animals and they have very strong ethical values in terms of their recycling policies and fair-trade ingredients. One of the things I love about Bloomtown is that they donate 10% of their annual profits to environmental and animal rescue charities (we all know how much I love animals by this point!). I recently tried out some of their products for the first time and thought I would let you all know my thoughts. 

Black Clay & Tea Tree Oil Treatment Mask - 60ml - £10.00
This was one of the products I was most excited about trying from Bloomtown. It is aimed at those with acne prone, oily complexions (if you've read my blog before, you will know that's exactly my skin type). I've found that my skin loves both clay masks and tea tree oil. This face mask is very diffe…

Top 10 Primers for Oily / Combination Skin

I remember back when primers first came out and a lot of people said they don't do anything - that they are just an extra, unnecessary step. Now, I feel like so many brands have brought out amazing primers, both in the drugstore and high-end, that you can find a primer to do so many different things - whether that is blurring pores, mattifying, illuminating, colour correcting or extending the wear of your foundation. I have a mixture of primers here, which are some of my personal favourites and I feel like my foundation looks better when I am wearing them, in comparison to not wearing a primer. I do use a primer every day under my foundation and I like to mix up which one I use, depending on which foundation I am using or what I feel my skin needs that day.

1. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water - £22.00 
- This is one of my favourite primers and I've mentioned it before on a blog post. I didn't expect to love this as much  as I did - I thought, it's just very expensive w…

Top 10 Nude Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Since matte liquid lipsticks first came out, they've grown in popularity and more and more brands are bringing their own version out. These are just a few of my favourite nude matte liquid lipsticks - this is based on both shade and formula. There are varying shades of nude - some are pinker, browner and some are more orange toned. All of the liquid lipsticks in this list are drugstore so also super affordable!

1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Cairo (16) - £6.00
- If you haven't heard of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, you must be living under a rock! They are a cult favourite liquid lipstick. There are a huge range of shades of this product - this one is called Cairo, which is the palest nude of the range. These lipsticks have a slight sweet fragrance, but it is not overpowering. They are not great in terms of longevity of wear, but they are super comfortable to wear because of the moussey formula. You get 8ml of product in these and a doe-foot applicator.

2. Make Up Gallery Pout …

How To Save Money on Beauty Products

Being addicted to make up and beauty products can be a nightmare for your bank balance, but if you use the following tips, you can find ways to save on the cost of your addiction! I absolutely love bargain hunting and I love to save money wherever I can.

- Wait for the right offers
Most drugstores, like Boots and Superdrug, just rotate their offers around every month. So some months, you might get '3 for 2' and other months you might get 'Buy One Get The Second Half Price'. If you wait for the right offer for exactly what you want, you are more likely the save some money. For example, my everyday foundation is Revlon Colorstay, which is usually £12.99 but quite often, they put the price down to £9.99 and then do 3 for 2. If I wait for then and buy 3, I am spending £19.98 on 3 foundations instead of buying it individually, as and when I need it, which would total £38.97 for 3 bottles.

- Get loyalty cards / points systems
Shops such as Debenhams, Boots, Superdrug and The B…

101 Facts About Dalmatians

I haven't done a blog post on Dalmatians for a while, so I thought it would be fun to write a list of all of the facts I know about Dalmatians, from owning two for the last few years and from the immense amount of research I have done into the breed before owning them. I've picked up a lot of facts along the way! And it wouldn't be right to use any other number than 101!

Dalmatian puppies are born white with no spots.They start to develop spots at around 4 weeks of age.Dalmatians continue to grow spots for their entire life.As they get older, the rate at which they grow new spots slows down.The spots are pigmentation on their skin, so if you shave the Dalmatian, the black (brown or yellow) fur grows back in the same place. No two Dalmatians have the same number or pattern of spots. Spots can often be found on the pads of their paws and inside their mouth. As puppies, Dalmatians are usually quick to learn new tricks and pick up training. However, just as quickly, they can be…

High End Products Worth The Splurge

I did a blog post a while ago called "What Does £100 Worth of Make Up Look Like", which highlighted the massive difference between what you can get for £100 in the most affordable brands, the mid-range drugstore brands and high-end brands. You can see from that, high end make up quickly adds up and it is often a lot of money to splurge in one go, and sometimes, there are super affordable dupes for high end make up. But sometimes, the products are just so good, they are worth the money! These are some of my favourite high end products that I think are worth the splurge!

1. Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer - £19.00
- This concealer without a doubt is one of my absolute favourites and is worth every penny in my opinion. This has been a cult favourite amongst beauty bloggers, youtubers and make up addicts everywhere, and for good reason! One dip of the wand into the tube and you have enough concealer to cover your under-eye area, down your nose, on you…