Bloomtown Botanicals Review

Bloomtown Botanicals is a British company based in Cornwall in the UK. It was created in 2016 and already has over 10,000 followers on Instagram. They are a completely cruelty-free company – they do not test on animals and they have very strong ethical values in terms of their recycling policies and fair-trade ingredients. One of the things I love about Bloomtown is that they donate 10% of their annual profits to environmental and animal rescue charities (we all know how much I love animals by this point!). I recently tried out some of their products for the first time and thought I would let you all know my thoughts. 

Black Clay & Tea Tree Oil Treatment Mask - 60ml - £10.00
This was one of the products I was most excited about trying from Bloomtown. It is aimed at those with acne prone, oily complexions (if you've read my blog before, you will know that's exactly my skin type). I've found that my skin loves both clay masks and tea tree oil. This face mask is very different from others I have tried. It has a very thick, sticky, paste like consistency with a very strong tea tree oil scent. I didn't need to use much at all to cover my face - a little goes a long way. It felt quite warm on my skin and had small little beads in it, which, from reading the description, I believe is Willow Bark Extract, which exfoliates and is a natural anti-inflammatory. This face mask does not dry down (which it does state on the website) as it is glycerine based, so it did not feel tight at all. I left the face mask on for around an hour and it was easy to wash off afterwards. My only complaint about this face mask is that it did feel quite greasy, which surprised me as it is meant for oily skin. However, I think I may have applied too much product (which was barely any!) so I will try it with less product in future. This comes in a glass jar with a screw top lid.

Pink Himalayan Salt Soak - The Cafe - 285g - £10.00
I purchased this Salt Soak in The Cafe scent, which is described as creamy vanilla, cocoa and hazelnut (slightly different from the other The Cafe scented products). This product comes in a tall glass bottle with a screw top lid and the salt was full to the top and well packed in! I do feel like the scent is as described, although it does have a very slight salty scent (as to be expected with bath salts!). There is a little tag on the bottle which tells you how to use the product, although it doesn't tell you how much to use - "desired amount". I poured about 1/8th of the bottle under running water and swirled them around a bit (as directed). All of the salt dissolved into the bath water relatively quickly and didn't leave a residue on the bottom of the bath when I drained the water. This didn't fully scent my bath - it was quite a light fragrance, which is great if you prefer a milder scent. This product claims to draw out excess moisture and swelling from aching, over-worked limbs and also gives aromatherapy. One of the things I found interesting from this product and many other Bloomtown products, is the lack of ingredients. In the salt soak, the only ingredients are Pink Himalayan Salts, fragrance and essential oils, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil. This is a refreshing change from the products you buy from drugstores that have a long list of chemical names and half the time you have no idea what they are!

Nourishing Body & Bath Oil - The Cafe - 100ml - £9.50
This is a multi-use oil, which claims can be used in your hair as a hair treatment, on your skin as massage oil or instead of body lotion and as a bath oil. It comes in a glass bottle with a screw cap and they also attach a pump nozzle to the bottle in case you want to use it for your hair or body (which I think is great!). I bought the scent The Cafe, again, because it's my favourite flavours mixed together and it smells exactly like the candle I talk about below. This oil is a blend of Meadowfoam, Sesame, Sweet Almond Oils and Vitamin E, so again, really natural ingredients. I first used this in the bath, poured under running water. Again, I used about 1/8th of the bottle and this was very strongly fragranced. It did sit on the top of the water (as oil and water don't mix!) and it did leave residue on my body, but once rubbed in, it felt hydrating and smooth. I was hesitant to use this oil as I am allergic to Johnson's Baby Oil, but this did not cause an allergic reaction for me - I'm assuming because of the natural ingredients. As a body oil, you don't need to use much - one pump covered the whole lower part of my arm (I do have long arms) and it is again, strongly scented. It rubs in quickly and doesn't feel greasy or sticky. I have also used this in my hair and it leaves my hair smelling amazing all day and doesn't feel heavy or greasy.

Sweet Almond & Shea Sugar Scrub - The Grove - 68g - £5.00
These sugar scrubs are available in 2 sizes, 68g (£5.00) or 285g (£12.00) and they are available in 6 varieties of scent. The sugar scrub comes in a glass jar with a screw top lid, which feels quite high end. I purchased The Grove scent in the smaller size, which is Blood Orange and Pink Grapefruit. This sugar scrub contains moisturising coconut extract, mango butter, Vitamin E, soothing and mineral rich kaolin (which draws out impurities) and red clays. The scent is very natural, citrusy and fresh, it genuinely smells like orange and grapefruit and doesn't smell chemically at all. The consistency is quite thick and very granulated. It exfoliates the skin well, without being too harsh on the skin and it left my skin feeling super soft and moisturised - not at all dry. It didn't leave behind a greasy residue and it left a nice scent behind. I also found that the exfoliating sugar granules didn't leave behind any residue in the bath when I drained the water out (like some exfoliating beads do), they appeared to dissolve into the water when I washed off the scrub. This is a lovely body exfoliator and I definitely would recommend this.

Scented Botanical Wax Candle - The Cafe - 140g -  £12.00 
This candle comes in a thin, tall glass container with a cork lid which has the Bloomtown logo embedded into it. Bloomtown claim that this candle lasts for 20-25 hours of burn time and it is made with a natural coconut and soy wax blend and lead-free wick. There are 6 varieties of scent for this candle - I purchased The Cafe scent, which is described as Coffee, Hazelnut and Vanilla (my favourite!) The candle smells amazing. It has a strong fragrance, but it is not overpowering. You can really smell the mixture of flavours and it doesn't smell too sweet or of any one flavour more than the others. I burnt this candle for around 2 hours the first time I used it and it melted the wax very evenly, leaving little to no residue on the glass. To me, this shows the high quality of the product. When I blew out the candle, there was no soot and very little smoke, especially compared to many other candles I own. This candle would make a great gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself!

This is a great company - they are such an ethical company and make amazing, natural products. All of their products would make fantastic gifts for loved ones.
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Sarah (aka. Pale Princess) x

*This blog post is in affiliation with Bloomtown Botanicals. I bought all of the items listed above myself and the review is based on my honest opinions*