Christmas Gift Ideas

For those of you who don't know me personally, shopping is one of my passions in life and I love buying stuff for other people, so Christmas is one of my favourite times in the year. I've spent many years being given a list of names and told to buy presents for them because I am good at thinking outside the box and buying imaginative presents. For this blog post, I'm just rounding up some ideas for people who are struggling with what to buy as gifts this year.
For Him:  - Aftershave - some very popular scents are Dior - Sauvage 60ml - £54, Paco Rabanne - 1 Million 50ml - £48.50, Hugo Boss - Bottled 50ml - £45, Paco Rabanne - Invictus 50ml - £48.50, Diesel - Only The Brave 50ml - £45.50 - Electric shaver - GoPro / Drone / Camera - Clothing / Shoes - Watch / Cuff-links / Tie Pin - Zippo Lighter (e.g. personalised) - Wallet
For Her:  - Perfume - some very popular scents are Paco Rabanne - Olympea 50ml - £62.50, Mugler - Alien 60ml - £64, Marc Jacobs - Daisy 50ml - £55, Emporio …

Recently Tried Products (Skincare & Make Up)

In the past few months since the last blog post I wrote on new products, I've not tried a huge amount because I'm focusing on spending money on my house and trying to cut down how many beauty products I buy in a month, however, all of these products I really wanted to try so I caved and bought them.

Nip + Fab Teen Skin Salicylic Acid Tonic 100ml - £10.99
When I first saw this product on Superdrug's website, I knew I had to try it, because my skin has always love Salicylic Acid, since I was a teenager with mild acne. Even though this is aimed at teens and people with acne, I still use Salicylic acid all the time because it keeps my breakouts away - it's one of the only ingredients that I found really works for my skin. This is slightly pricey for the amount of product you get, but I do think that it is helping my skin to stay clear of blemishes. This does feel slightly drying on the skin - it sinks in very quickly, but once you put moisturiser on over the top, it feels …

Letters To My Dogs

To My Beautiful Ruby Doo,
   I really hope you know how loved you are. To me, love is not even a strong enough word to describe how I feel about you. You have had a really awful past before I rescued you - you have been beaten and neglected, but yet you are the most affectionate, loving and obedient dog, without a single 'bad' bone in your body. I cannot even begin to understand how anyone could hurt you. You have had many homes, but you are in your forever home now and will be with me for the rest of your life, no matter what.
I remember the first day I met you and I wasn't sure about you. You were a rescue, we didn't know what your breaking point was, we didn't know whether we could trust you. I remember the point where we bonded. We were on a dog walk and I got lost and stuck on a very steep slope. Mia disappeared and left me, you turned and came back for me. You looked at me and tried to show me a much less steep area I could get down and you wouldn't leav…

Lush Fresh Handmade Christmas Bath Products 2018

If you are a fan of bubble baths like I am, this blog post might interest you. I first tried Lush bath products just less than a year ago - I had previously thought they were overpriced, I didn't like the smell of the shop and thought they were a bit of a hippy brand (no offence intended!) but I had no idea what I was missing out on. From the first time I tried a Lush bath bomb, I was converted and now I am obsessed. Two of my absolute favourite bath products from Lush, are the 'Brightside Bubble Bar' and the 'Comforter Bubble Bar'. From these bubble bars, I get around 4 baths worth of gorgeous scent and bubbles, they don't dry out my skin and they not only fill the bathroom with their scent, but also leave your skin smelling amazing afterwards. I will also add, if you are worried about the bright colours or glitter staining your bath, I was worried about this too before I tried them but I have never found they have left any staining in my bath and the glitter…

Testing 3 Make Up Revolution Foundations

Make Up Revolution have massively stepped up their game in the past few years - back when they first started, I would have never bothered even trying any of their foundations because affordable foundations usually have a rubbish shade range and the pale shades are usually orange. However, when they released each of these foundations, the shade ranges have been amazing! Also, in case you didn't know, all 3 of these foundations are cruelty free, so there's an extra bonus. So I have now owned and tried these three foundations for a while now and thought I would share my thoughts on them. For reference, I have oily / combination skin that is acne prone (but currently quite clear) and I also have mild acne scarring and rosacea, so I have quite a bit of redness to be covered up.

Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick - F1 - £5.00
This has been a very popular foundation since it was released - I have mixed feelings on this foundation. It is very quick and easy to apply, blends easily …

The Best Primers for Your Skin Type

So many different primers are on the market now, but which ones are good? And which ones would actually make a difference to how your make up applies? Well, it starts with your skin type and what issues you have currently with your skin, for example, large pores, dullness, oiliness.. so first you need to work out what you're wanting from a primer. This is a list of some of the best primers I own and who I think these are best suited for.

Large Pores: Revlon Photo Ready Perfecting Primer - £12.99
This is a silicone based primer that really does work to blur large pores. It has quite a thick consistency and you don't need to use a huge amount - normally two pumps is enough to cover my face. This doesn't cause my foundation to break up and it doesn't cause my skin to break out at all. Make sure you get this specific primer if you're going to try it, as they brought out another version (called Photo Ready Pore Reducing Primer) that is nowhere near as good.

The Body Shop …

High End vs Drugstore (Dupes)

For those of you who don't know me, I am a huge bargain hunter and I am quite strict when it comes to spending money on anything. I love high end make up and I own a lot of it, however, when I am spending that much money on a make up product, I want to know that it will perform far better than a drugstore alternative or that it is completely different to anything else on the market. If there is an affordable dupe, I will always purchase the affordable version! These are some of the high end products that I own, that I have also found a drugstore alternative for. Most of these are very, very similar so I wish I hadn't wasted the money on the high end version, so hopefully, this will help you to avoid spending too much.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water 116ml (£22.00) vs. Primark Primer Water 150ml (£2.00)
In the past year or so, Primark have been killing it with their beauty products, both in make up and skincare and I have been loving how affordable their products are. I'…

Colour Themed Custom Eyeshadow Palettes

I absolutely loved my customised Z-Palette made up of all Make Up Geek Eyeshadow Pans, however, when Revolution Pro came out with small magnetic palettes for a fraction of the price (£4) of the small Z-Palettes (£9.50), I thought I would organise my single eyeshadow pans into a few different smaller palettes. I ended up buying 4 of the small magnetic palettes from Superdrug and I turned them into a purple themed palette, a warm toned palette, a green themed palette and a blue themed palette. You can fit 9 shadows in these palettes and mine are made up of Bleach London eyeshadows, Make Up Geek eyeshadows, Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows and Coloured Raine eyeshadows. I do also have my large Z-Palette which contains neutral / brown shades.

Purple Themed Palette: Make Up Geek Matte Eyeshadow 'Wisteria' - £4.95 Bleach London Louder Powder 'VS 4 MA' - £3.00 Bleach London Louder Powder 'BP 4 MA' - £3.00 Make Up Geek Foiled Eyeshadow  'Mesmerized' - £7.95 Make U…