Top 10 Highlighters For Pale Skin

When I first starting getting more obsessed with make up, highlighters were the new big thing. I saw YouTubers saying that certain highlighters were better than others so I went with those ones - only to find out that actually, there are lots of different shades of highlighter and lots of different types too, and not every shade suits every person! So I did a load of research and found lots of pale - skin friendly products and I tried and tested them! Here are my top 10 highlighters for pale skin (although these are in no particular order).

(swatches from left to right are numbers 1-7) 
1. NYX Illuminating Bronzer - Ritualistic - £9.50
This was one of the first white based highlighters that I tried after seeing a YouTube video raving about it. I've spoken about this product before in my Top 10 NYX products blog post and it is still one of my favourite highlighters. It is a very pigmented highlighter but it is buildable, so you can create a more natural look with a light hand or a v…

Colour Themed Custom Eyeshadow Palettes

I absolutely loved my customised Z-Palette made up of all Make Up Geek Eyeshadow Pans, however, when Revolution Pro came out with small magnetic palettes for a fraction of the price (£4) of the small Z-Palettes (£9.50), I thought I would organise my single eyeshadow pans into a few different smaller palettes. I ended up buying 4 of the small magnetic palettes from Superdrug and I turned them into a purple themed palette, a warm toned palette, a green themed palette and a blue themed palette. You can fit 9 shadows in these palettes and mine are made up of Bleach London eyeshadows, Make Up Geek eyeshadows, Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows and Coloured Raine eyeshadows. I do also have my large Z-Palette which contains neutral / brown shades.

Purple Themed Palette: Make Up Geek Matte Eyeshadow 'Wisteria' - £4.95 Bleach London Louder Powder 'VS 4 MA' - £3.00 Bleach London Louder Powder 'BP 4 MA' - £3.00 Make Up Geek Foiled Eyeshadow  'Mesmerized' - £7.95 Make U…

What Is A Healthy Relationship?

I'm no relationship expert, but I do have a degree in Psychology and my dissertation was on love and relationships. I've been in a number of long term relationships, with very different people. I'm one of those people that constantly evaluates myself, my life and my relationships - that's the psychologist in me, I have to have an answer and explanation to everything. Over the course of my life, I have learnt a lot about what a relationship needs in order to work and what ruins relationships.
The following is based on my opinions and experiences, if your relationship works differently to this and you are completely happy, then feel free to ignore my opinion!

Mutual Respect
Respect is so important in a relationship and is a wide 'umbrella' term that covers so many different contexts. It includes respecting your partner's wishes when it comes to sex or intimacy - if they say they don't like something, it is important that you respect that decision and don&…

Most Repurchased Skincare Products

I recently uploaded a blog post on my most repurchased make up products and I said I would be posting another one on my most repurchased skincare products. To me, these blog posts are really helpful because it shows what is worth your money and your favourite products - if you keep repurchasing them, they are probably worth trying for other people! Just for reference, my skin is combination / oily - it is normal on my cheeks and forehead but I do get oily in my t-zone and chin throughout the day. I had moderate acne throughout my teenage years and I was put on Roaccutane when I was 16 which cleared up my skin enormously. It is still acne prone so I do get the odd breakouts and I also have Rosacea (redness) and acne scarring.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Face Mask - £11.00
- I mentioned this in my favourite face masks blog post a while back and it is still one of my favourite and most repurchased face masks! The mask has a strong tea tree, peppermint and lemon kind of scent…

Testing Technic Cosmetics

If you haven't heard of Technic Cosmetics, they are a very affordable make up brand that is often sold in shops like Bodycare or on eBay, Amazon, Technic's website etc. The prices vary quite a bit so I've priced each item based on Technic's website.

Superfine Translucent Powder - £5.00
This is a very soft, finely milled powder, which adds some colour when blended into the skin, even though it claims to be transparent. With my pale skin, it isn't a bad shade. When you swirl your brush in this powder, even gently, it kicks up a lot of powder and does make a mess everywhere! It looks quite dry and cakey when first applied although once set with a setting spray, it looks a lot better. This powder, unlike many I've tried, doesn't take away the coverage of the foundation underneath and bronzer and blusher both blended out nicely on top of it. I have oily / combination skin and it did seem to keep my oils at bay throughout the day. Overall, it's not a terrible…

Empties! Would I Repurchase?

When you have as many beauty products as I do, it can take a long time to use something up, if ever! So I'm always interested in seeing what other beauty influencers have used up, because it usually means you really like the product. Also, I feel the reviews are more true to life if you've tried the product so many times that you've used it up! I seem to go through phases where I use up a lot of different products around the same time, so I've been hoarding my rubbish effectively for a few weeks now to show you all what I've used up and let you know whether I will repurchase it.

Nivea Black & White Invisible Deodorant - 250ml - £2.50
This is by far my favourite deodorant, and I've tried a lot. I've been using this for years so I've repurchased it around 20 times! I wear black vests the majority of the time and I wear a white top for my netball training and work. This doesn't leave white powder or stains on black clothing at all and it doesn'…

My Everyday Make Up Routine

For those of you who don't know, I work in a Boots store, so I do a full face of make up for work everyday. This is partly because I have Rosacea so I want to cover up the redness in my skin, and also because I have blonde eyelashes and blonde eyebrows but (dyed) dark hair, so I look like I'm dying if I don't have make up on. I have a different make up routine for nights out or events, so I will write another blog post later to cover that. This routine takes me around 20 minutes most days and I do try new make up products and mix it up most days, but I've included some of my favourite make up products for everyday use. Small disclaimer, everyone does their make up in different ways so if you like to apply it in a different order to me, that's fine too!

Step 1:
 - After cleansing, toning and moisturising my skin, I apply a primer.
Recommended: P.S Primer Water - £2.00, L'Oreal Infallible Pore Refining Primer - £8.99, Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer - £12.99