Top 10 Highlighters For Pale Skin

When I first starting getting more obsessed with make up, highlighters were the new big thing. I saw YouTubers saying that certain highlighters were better than others so I went with those ones - only to find out that actually, there are lots of different shades of highlighter and lots of different types too, and not every shade suits every person! So I did a load of research and found lots of pale - skin friendly products and I tried and tested them! Here are my top 10 highlighters for pale skin (although these are in no particular order).

(swatches from left to right are numbers 1-7) 
1. NYX Illuminating Bronzer - Ritualistic - £9.50
This was one of the first white based highlighters that I tried after seeing a YouTube video raving about it. I've spoken about this product before in my Top 10 NYX products blog post and it is still one of my favourite highlighters. It is a very pigmented highlighter but it is buildable, so you can create a more natural look with a light hand or a v…

The Best Boots Own Brand Products

For those of you who don't know, I work for Boots - not in a sponsoring way, but I physically work in a Boots shop so since I've been working for Boots, I've tried a lot of their own brand products. These products are all products that I have repurchased or just love and it is my 100% honest opinion. A lot of people don't know that brands such as Natural Collection, Seventeen, No7, CYO and Your Good Skin are all created by Boots. CYO is the new replacement for Seventeen, which is being discontinued between now and August, however, currently you can still purchase Seventeen on their website and in most stores and you can also buy CYO online currently. I was going to include a few haircare products in this post, as I love their hair mask and colour shampoo, however, they are no longer on the website so I think they have been discontinued.

Natural Collection Blush & Glow (Pink & Bronze) - £2.49 each
- These products were released when they repackaged Natural Colle…

One Brand Review - C.Y.O Cosmetics

In case you haven't yet heard of C.Y.O Cosmetics, they are a new brand released by Boots which is replacing the brand Seventeen. Seventeen is being discontinued between now and August. C.Y.O have released some products that are exact replicas or very similar to certain Seventeen products and some products that are completely new and different. I've found a few amazing products from Seventeen, but some of their products are quite hit or miss. I love their mascaras and one of their concealers, but otherwise, I've not been blown away by the brand. C.Y.O is equally as affordable as Seventeen, so I thought I would try out some of the products that interested me and let you all know my thoughts!

Crush On Blush Powder Blush (Tell It Straight) - £4.00
- Tell It Straight is a nice pinky peach shade that’s great for pale skin, which is why I picked it up. When you swatch this blush, it looks quite shimmery, which initially put me off as it looked more like a blush topper or pink hig…

Most Repurchased Make Up Products

Due to the fact I have a very large make up collection that is forever growing, often I don't get through products like bronzers, blushers and highlighters because I'm constantly using different products! But other products, like eyebrow gel, mascara, concealers, powders and foundations I get through quickly. I'm constantly trying new products, but these are some of the products I always repurchase and that just shows how good they are! I am going to be uploading another blog post in the near future for all of my most repurchased skincare products. I asked on a poll on Facebook what blog post everyone would like to see next and this post had the most votes so here it is..

L'Oreal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara - £11.99
- This is a relatively new release but I immediately fell in love with this mascara and it quickly became my new favourite. It gives relatively natural looking volume and length (when I say natural, I mean it gives a kind of whispy effect instead of being spi…

Products I Would Not Recommend

Since I became obsessed with make up, I've tried a LOT of products and obviously, with that, I've found a lot of products that just don't work for me. Most products work differently for different people, so just because I don't like a product, doesn't mean that you won't like it, but if we have similar preferences or a similar skin type, it might just save you some pennies! Also, although I don't like these specific products, I do actually love all of the brands who created these products and lots of their products are amazing - I've tried to include what I would recommend instead of these products.

L'Oreal True Match The One Concealer - £7.99 - This was the first L'Oreal concealer that I tried and I bought it a few months back when they first came out. Firstly, the shade is quite orange toned, despite the fact that L'Oreal tend to cater for all skin types and usually, their pale shades are amazing! However, my main problem with the concealer …

My Perfect Colour Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation - Double Wear Dupe?

So I purchased this foundation just over a month ago - I was checking out the new beauty products in Primark and I happened to swatch this foundation and was super surprised by how pale the shade was, so I had to buy it! I was also intrigued by the 'double cover' claim. I do also have the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and it is a favourite foundation of mine. If you've not read a blog post of mine before, I have very pale, acne prone, combination / oily skin which has a lot of redness from Rosacea.

I have the shade Porcelain in the Primark Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation and the shade 1C0 Shell in the Estee Lauder Double Wear. These foundations currently retail for £5 (Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation) and £33.50 (Estee Lauder Double Wear). In terms of the shades - the Primark foundation is actually paler than the palest shade of the Estee Lauder foundation and it is slightly more pink toned than the Estee Lauder Double Wear.

Left - Longwear Ultimate Matte Founda…

Why Life Changes At 25

I knew when I started this blog that it wouldn't be just another make up blog - I've got too much to say to only focus on beauty products! Now those of you who know me, will be confused by the title of this blog post, because I'm not actually 25, I'm just approaching 23 years old - but stick with me here. 

In the past year, as some of you may know, my life has pretty much turned upside-down. This time last year, I was married and was living in a Navy married quarter. Now, I am separated from my husband and have been with my boyfriend for just over 5 months. In the past year, a lot happened - which I won't touch upon, but lets just say it changed my mindset on life and relationships completely - the '25 Change' as I'm going to call it. 

The "25 Change" So my boyfriend has a theory that when someone turns 25, their whole outlook changes and that is why so many relationships end around the time that someone turns 25. Sometimes this change can be t…

One Brand Review - Sleek Make Up

Sleek is one of those brands that you hear a lot about certain products, but a lot of them are never spoken about, so I thought I would write a blog post about the Sleek products I have and what my thoughts are on them. Alongside the products listed below, I have used the Cream Contour palette which used to be raved about, but the palest version was WAY too dark for my skin, and even the contour shades were orange or too dark so there was no way I could use it - hence I don’t have it anymore to include in this blog post. Sleek make up in sold in Boots stores and online as well as Superdrug. I love the packaging of all Sleek products - it is usually ‘sleek’ (ironically) matte black packaging which is right up my street.

Solstice Highlighter Palette - £9.99
I’ve spoken about this palette before, because it’s a cult favourite palette and it’s also great for pale skin. In this palette, you get 3 powder highlighters and 1 cream highlighter. The powder highlighters give an intense sheen (th…