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Beauty Hacks (Tried & Tested)

So there are a number of hacks that beauty bloggers, YouTubers and make up artists have developed to make your life easier, save you money or fix an issue you might have in terms of beauty. All of these hacks are ones I have tried myself and I have found work for me - hopefully they work for you too!

1. Cleaning your make up brushes and sponges with baby shampoo
   - You can purchase special brush and sponge cleansers from a number of brands - for example, the brand Beauty Blender sell a special 'Beauty Blender Liquid Cleanser 150ml' for £15.00. I've tried this and personally, didn't like it. The scent of it was horrible and it lingered on the sponges afterwards and I can't say it worked any better than good old baby shampoo. I buy Boots Baby Shampoo 500ml for £1.29 and I use it every few weeks to deep clean my brushes and sponges. I squeeze a small amount of the shampoo into the palm of my hand and rub my brush around until it has absorbed all of the shampoo and the…

Must Have Products for Pale Skin

I remember when I was around 12-13 years old, I had moderate acne and I was looking at make up for the first time. My mother would say to me "No, you shouldn't get the palest shade as it will make you look like a vampire, you want to add a bit of colour to your face"... I'm not sure why I would ever have listened to her as she's never worn foundation in her life and she has tanned skin. My go to foundation was Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse (wasn't it everyone's?) and I went for the second or third lightest shade (of orange) and I walked around with a beautiful orange line and a face ten times darker than my neck..

Fast forward 9 years! I now have a whole array of products that are super helpful for anyone who has pale skin and I could not live without them! These will probably not be useful for anyone who has darker than porcelain skin, but maybe you could use some of them for a vampire or ghost costume at Halloween.. 
1. Manic Panic Virgin Dreamtone Flawl…

The Top 10 Websites for Make Up

So shopping online for make up isn't always easy as you can't swatch anything or check the shades. The best tip for this is to either type into Google whatever you are interested in followed by the word 'swatches', or type it into YouTube. Often you will find that someone has purchased the same item you are looking at and has uploaded a photo of what it looks like in real life - as we know websites sometimes get their colours and shade images massively wrong.

Now I actually find it easier buying make up online, as you can shop around for the best deal or price and you can spend the time reading reviews or watching YouTube videos before making your decision. Besides, you don't have to wait for hours behind the huge group of school girls surrounding the one make up stand you want to get to and swatching every single item, before leaving the shop with one item.

So, to help out any fellow make up obsessed people like me, here are the top 10 websites I've found for …

My Everyday Skincare Routine

My skin is combination - it's normal on my cheeks and I get oily on my t-zone throughout the day. I get the odd blemish and have some left over scarring on my cheeks from relatively bad acne when I was younger. I struggled with acne for around 6 years and tried a hell of a lot of products, as well as prescribed medications to clear my skin up. Now, I am not on any medication for my acne but the products I use and my daily routine keep it under control.

I do vary some of the products I use on a daily basis, but these are my top products that I will continue to repurchase and are tried and tested. I use the same routine daily. 
Morning Routine:  - The first thing I do to my skin in the morning is take my Garnier Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water (£4.99) and use this on a cotton wool pad to remove any oils or dirt on my face from the night. I've tried a load of micellar waters and the Garnier Pure Active is definitely my favourite.  - Then I take my Body Shop Seaweed Oil Balanci…

A Day In The Life of a Dalmatian Owner

The Dalmatian - made famous by the Disney films 101 Dalmatians, easily recognisable by their black and white spotty coat, tall, lean body and floppy ears. Adorable right? Well... try living with one.. or two for that matter.

Now a few facts you might not know about these spotty dogs; dalmatians now come in black spotted, liver spotted (brown) and lemon spotted (yellow) or in a mixture. In more recent years, extensions of the breed, including long haired dalmatians (seriously fluffy!) and miniature dalmatians have been developed. Originally, dalmatians were used as firehouse mascots (particularly in America) and carriage dogs so they are built for their stamina. Dalmatians are born completely white and develop their first spots in their first 4 weeks of life. According to the Dalmatian Club of America, around 12% of dalmatians are deaf and many more are partially deaf.

Our younger Dal is called Mia; she is two years old and is characterised by an adorable face which looks like butter w…

Top 10 NYX Products

For those of you who don't already know, NYX is an affordable American drugstore brand which came to the UK last year and is sold in larger Boots stores and on Boot's website. You can also purchase certain NYX products on websites such as Feel Unique, Selfridges and Very.

I've tried a ton of NYX products since they came out and I've liked everything that I've tried. The price usually ranges between £3-£15 depending on the item. These are 10 of the products that I've tried and really liked. So if you haven't tried NYX products before and don't know where to start, this might help!

1. HD Translucent Finishing Powder - £8.00 
     - This was one of the first products I tried from NYX based on the great reviews that it had and the fact that most drugstore brands in the UK do not do a translucent (that is actually translucent) setting powder that you can use for baking. The setting powder is finely milled, doesn't leave a white cast and keeps my under-eye …