Must Have Products for Pale Skin

I remember when I was around 12-13 years old, I had moderate acne and I was looking at make up for the first time. My mother would say to me "No, you shouldn't get the palest shade as it will make you look like a vampire, you want to add a bit of colour to your face"... I'm not sure why I would ever have listened to her as she's never worn foundation in her life and she has tanned skin. My go to foundation was Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse (wasn't it everyone's?) and I went for the second or third lightest shade (of orange) and I walked around with a beautiful orange line and a face ten times darker than my neck..

Fast forward 9 years! I now have a whole array of products that are super helpful for anyone who has pale skin and I could not live without them! These will probably not be useful for anyone who has darker than porcelain skin, but maybe you could use some of them for a vampire or ghost costume at Halloween.. 

1. Manic Panic Virgin Dreamtone Flawless Foundation - White - £9.99 
    - In case you hadn't gathered from the name, this is a pure white foundation which you can use as a mixer for your foundation to lighten it, without changing the consistency. I use this every single day. I mix 3-4 pumps of my everyday foundation (Revlon Colorstay) with 1-2 pumps of this white foundation on the back of my hand with a small brush before applying it to my face. This is an absolute must have if you can't find foundation light enough for your skin or have products that are too dark but you love. You get 30ml of product (the same as a standard foundation), it is Vegan and you can find it on eBay, Amazon or many gothic / alternative websites. I haven't tried any other white mixers that have recently come on the market but I've heard that a lot of them change the consistency of your foundation - this one doesn't take away any coverage and doesn't affect the formula, texture or longevity of my foundation. 

2. Stargazer White Pressed Powder - £3.99 
    - This is another pale skin product I can't live without. As the name suggests, this is a pure white pressed powder which comes in a black compact with a mirror. This is great for a number of reasons and I use it everyday to highlight under my eyes. The problem with pale skin and pale foundations, is that it is very difficult to get a lighter / brighter under eye area than the rest of your skin - most people use a shade of concealer that is lighter than their skin tone or foundation. That is usually not possible for us pale princesses! So this product does the job! It doesn't actually look white (unless you apply a ton of it!) but it does lighten and brighten my under-eyes. Also, if my bronzer or blusher and looking far too intense or dark, I use this to go over it to lighten it - it works perfectly. It is a nice powder in consistency and I would probably use it to set my face if it came in a pale enough shade (other than white!). Again, you can find this on eBay, Amazon or gothic / alternative websites. 

3. LA Girl HD Pro Conceal - Highlighter - £4.00
   - This is the last white product, I promise! So this is a pure white concealer - LA Girl do a shade of this called 'Porcelain' but it is too dark for me and too warm toned. However, the colour corrector in the shade 'Highlighter' is a pure white concealer, BUT it does contain some very small glitter so it adds a very slight shimmer (this is not noticeable unless you look very closely!). It is full coverage so it can be mixed in with a concealer that is too dark and it does not take away from the coverage of the concealer. You get 8g of product in a squeezy tube and this can be found on eBay, Amazon or a number of websites selling LA Girl products. 

4. NYX Illuminating Bronzer - Ritualistic - £8.50 
   - I've already written a review on this product in my Top 10 Products from NYX blog post so if you want to read more about it, check out that blog. But basically, it is a highlighter (not a bronzer) that is great for pale skin. It is a white highlighter with a hint of gold (but I mean very small hint!). I love this highlighter and it is one I would recommend to all pale princesses! I've included a swatch here to show you exactly what the product looks like on my fair skin. There aren't many brands that do a highlighter that is this suitable for pale skin; they are usually too gold, peach or pink and end up looking like a glittery tiger stripe when you apply them! Not with this one, it is perfection and it is an affordable brand! 

5. Max Factor Creme Puff Blush - 10 Nude Mauve - £8.99

   - This is a recent discovery of mine but within 2 uses, it became my new favourite blush. As the name suggests, it is a pale, nude, peachy, mauve colour and it is very buildable so you can apply a little and build it up. It does have a shimmer, but it is more like a subtle glow it adds to your cheeks. It can be used with any make up look and it just works! It is the perfect shade for pale skin but   also a great product.

6. Make Up Forever Ultra HD Concealer - Y21 - £20.00
    - At some point, I will be doing a blog post on my favourite concealers for pale skin, however, for now, I had to include this one because it is the palest concealer I've ever used (besides the white one I talked about above!). As I've mentioned in previous blogs, the Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation in 10 Ivory Light is too pale for my skin so I needed a really light concealer to match it! So I thought I would try this one out and it is amazing. It is super fair, very full coverage, creamy (not thick) and it blends out really easily with a beauty sponge. It comes in a squeezy tube and you get 7ml of product. You can find Make Up Forever products on Debenhams' website. It's definitely worth the money to me! 

7. ELF Studio Stippling Brush - £4.50
   - Ok, so this is a product that is not exclusively for pale skinned princesses, however, it can be a great tool for us to use to apply blush or bronzer lightly. Sometimes, blushes and bronzers can be so pigmented, just one dab into the pot and onto our face can be way too much for our skin tone. If you use a stippling brush to apply these products, you will be able to apply these products lightly and gradually build them up. The stippling brush that I have is one from ELF but any stippling brush will achieve a similar effect.

8. MUA Bronzed Perfection Matte - Sunset Tan - £4.00
    - This is another new find of mine that I didn't really expect to work, but it did! This is a great bronzer for pale skin, it doesn't go orange on my skin (like most of the bronzers I have tried), you get a huge pan in relatively sturdy packaging and you get 15g of product. The formula is super buttery and creamy, which I didn't expect and it is light enough for us pale princesses. AND, it's very affordable, especially for the amount of product you get! It could be used for contouring or bronzing (I use for bronzing) and you can find this range in Superdrug. If you want to see swatches of the various bronzers that I own to compare the colours, comment down below and I will do a blog post on them.

So I hope this has be helpful for any fellow pale princesses out there! Comment any of your favourite products for pale skin down below!

Sarah (aka. Pale Princess)