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Must Have Make Up Brushes For Beginners

Now sometimes people see photos like the ones I've shown below and think they need all of those brushes to start a make up collection. I don't think that's true at all - I think when you are just starting out, there are only around 10 brushes that you need to create a full face of make up flawlessly. Once you start getting more into make up, you may want to expand your collection and especially if you are lazy at washing your brushes, it can help to have a load of spare brushes! Also when you are experimenting with make up, you may find you need certain additional brushes, but these are 10 types of brushes that I think all beginners should start with and a few examples of my favourites.

1. Foundation / Buffing Brush 
 - Back in the day, I always used to use a flat foundation brush to apply my foundation, because well, what else would you use? Then as I got more into make up, I realised I prefer a buffing brush, such as the ELF .. This works well for blending your thicker o…

Studying With The Open University

I thought I would do a blog post on this topic because it's something I often get asked about as it's not a super well known method of education. When you're in school or college, they don't tend to suggest The Open University as an option for further education, but it is an option!
I started studying with the Open Uni in 2013, when I finished my A Levels in college. I left college with 3 A Levels - Sociology - A, Psychology - B and Religious Studies - B and two AS Levels, in Critical Thinking and an EPQ. I had applied to 5 universities surrounding the South West of England (where I am originally from) and I was accepted into all 5, including Southampton and Bournemouth University. I initially accepted the offer from Bournemouth Uni and even sorted the Student Finance for them. During the summer between my A Levels and starting my degree, I moved out of my family home (at 17 years old) and really didn't feel comfortable moving away (even just half an hour down the …

Anti-Make Up Haul

I've seen this topic all over YouTube recently and I think it's a great idea. Sometimes, there is so much hype around a product that we buy it just based on popularity, forgetting that all products won't work for everyone, or we ignore the few people who say it isn't worth the hype. Also, all of the make up and beauty hauls have a bad habit of making us make up addicts desperate to go on a spending spree. So in case you haven't heard of this before, an anti-make up haul is where we say which products we are not going to buy.

These are some of the products I am not interested in buying for various reasons. Most of these have had quite a bit of hype on YouTube and in the Beauty Blogger community. Please don't be offended if you have bought or love any of these products, this is all just based on my personal opinions!

1. L'Oreal Total Cover Foundation - £9.99
 - Although I have a love - hate relationship with L'Oreal foundations, and 'total cover' i…

Best & Worst Beauty Blender Dupes

I personally love using beauty blender sponges to apply my foundation every day, to blend out my concealer and to apply translucent setting powder under my eyes. I've tried a lot of the Beauty Blender dupes and some of them are complete fails and some of them are great. If you've never used a Beauty Blender or a dupe for them, they work best when they are dampened (you can do this by soaking them under running water and squeezing out the excess water).

B. Latex Free Blending Sponge - £4.99
- This is one of the best dupes that I have found. It's affordable but it is quite often on offer in Superdrug. When dampened, it expands nicely and is soft and squishy when damp, which means it doesn't absorb too much product. These are pretty durable and last a long time, especially when you regularly wash them.

New Look Beauty Sponges x2 - £4.99
  - These sponges were a massive fail for me. They didn't really expand at all when damp and were far too dense and firm. They soaked up…

Life On A Military Married Patch

Before I married a submariner, I had heard a lot of rumours about what life would be like on a military married patch. I was told it was the bitchiest place to be and it was all just women sitting around gossiping about each other. I've now lived in a military married patch in Scotland for around a year and a half - these are just a few of the things I've learnt during my time there.

Chances are, you will make a ton of new friends. 
 - All it took for us to know pretty much every person who lives in our street, was meeting one person. She introduced us to other wives and often people have barbeques or parties which is a great place to meet new people. If you move to a married patch and haven't met anyone or made any new friends, try reaching out on social media. For our area, we have a Facebook group for all the Armed Forces Families in the area - I've seen people posting on there regularly saying they are new to the area and so many wonderful people will invite you rou…

Current Home Fragrance Favourites

I had to do a blog post on my current favourite candles, diffusers and wax melts as I am obsessed with all 3 of those items! My personal favourite scents are sweet / vanilla fragrance, anything tropical / coconutty or fruity. I light candles pretty much every single day, I use wax melts in my wax melt warmer everyday and I always have diffusers in at least 3 rooms in the house! I've tried a million types of products and I probably have more favourites but these are some of my current favourite products. 

The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Scented Candle 200g - £10.00   - This was a limited edition candle around Christmas time last year and I've already got through one of them and repurchased it. This particular scent is no longer available (hopefully they will bring it out at Christmas again this year!) but I'm sure the other Body Shop candles will be just as good. This is a lovely scent, you can definitely smell the vanilla but it has a sort of cinnamon - spice smell to it so it…

What's New At The Drugstore?

Loads of brands seem to be feeding our make up addictions by coming out with new exciting products recently.. I am actually on a spending ban this month to try and get through some of the products I already own and to prove to myself that I can go a whole month without buying make up or beauty products, but as soon as the clock turns midnight on the 30th April, I am going shopping! (Might have to be online at that time of night....)

So here are some of the new releases that I've spotted in the drugstore - most of them I want to try out!

- Max Factor Bronzer - £9.99 - Boots & Superdrug This was new into Boots and Superdrug stores this week. It looks exactly the same as Max Factor's Creme Puff Blushers, which I love and it has the same texture (I swatched it in store). It comes in two shades, Bronze and Light Gold (very imaginative names!). The Light Gold shade is a matte shade that looks like a really good shade for pale skin, while the Bronze shade is a shimmery shade, whic…