Anti-Make Up Haul

I've seen this topic all over YouTube recently and I think it's a great idea. Sometimes, there is so much hype around a product that we buy it just based on popularity, forgetting that all products won't work for everyone, or we ignore the few people who say it isn't worth the hype. Also, all of the make up and beauty hauls have a bad habit of making us make up addicts desperate to go on a spending spree. So in case you haven't heard of this before, an anti-make up haul is where we say which products we are not going to buy.

These are some of the products I am not interested in buying for various reasons. Most of these have had quite a bit of hype on YouTube and in the Beauty Blogger community. Please don't be offended if you have bought or love any of these products, this is all just based on my personal opinions!

1. L'Oreal Total Cover Foundation - £9.99
 - Although I have a love - hate relationship with L'Oreal foundations, and 'total cover' is right up my street, I've seen and heard too many negative reviews about this product. Some of L'Oreal's foundations are too dark for me and some are actually pale enough in the lightest shade. I've seen a few reviews on this one and people were claiming it wasn't overly light to start with and oxidised. I've also heard it's not good for oily skin as it melts off your face in a few hours and it looks cakey to start with. Although this is an affordable product, I'll be passing on this one!

2. Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette - £39.00
  - There was a massive craze about this palette when it came out a few months ago, along with the rest of the peach collection. For this one, I have to say the colours don't do it for me. I like some of the darker shades in the palette but I don't think peach coloured eyeshadows work on my skin with my eye colour (green). I've also heard a lot of people saying the peach scent is very overpowering and just smells like chemicals, which also puts me off it!

3. Make Up Revolution Pro HD Camouflage Palette - £8.00 
  - This is a fairly recent release from Make Up Revolution and I normally love their products. I saw this on a YouTube video and I really don't understand the point in it. Usually, thick concealers are used for spot concealing or cream contouring. For that, you probably only need one or two light shades, but this comes with 6 light shades, a medium shade and a darker shade. All of the light shades except one in the light palette look far too dark / yellow for porcelain skin. I understand the point of a concealer palette if you are a working make up artist, but otherwise, I'd pass on this one!

4. Lancome Rose Highlighter - £35.00
  - Again, this product took YouTube and the beauty community by storm when it first came out a few months ago. It was limited edition and it is stunning to look at. However, when YouTubers started trying the product, instead of just looking at it on their make up area, they realised it is actually just a cheap looking fake rose with a sprinkling of glittery highlight over the top. When they realised you were paying £35 for a few uses of highlighter, people quickly changed their mind about how good this product was! Pretty to look at and for Instagram photos, but it's a very expensive decoration!

5. Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer - £7.99
   - I recently saw this had changed its packaging in Boots to go with the Healthy Mix Foundation (which I've never actually tried as the foundation is far too yellow for me!). So I swatched this in store and I had the exact same problem! It was too dark anyway but it was just straight up yellow in the lightest shade. I don't understand why Bourjois seem to think all pale people have yellow skin!

6. Tarte Make Believe In Yourself Palette - £35.00
  - This is a new palette that Tarte released as part of their unicorn / fairy-tale collection. I like where they were going with the highlighter in the middle of the palette, but I don't understand the colour scheme. Half of the palette is very much warm neutral shades, which is not really unicorny! The other half I understand, with the blues and purples, but those colours don't really go with the neutral colours in my opinion. I think they were probably trying to make it appealing to more people but I feel like they should have committed to one or the other, considering the theme of the collection, I would've gone for brighter or more glittery shades.

7. Make Up Revolution Silicone Contour Set - £9.99
  - Make Up Revolution were clearly trying to be adventurous here and replicate the sili-sponge that came out not that long ago. Most people decided that was not worth the money because it just kind of slid the make up around your face and although it didn't soak up any product, it often left the foundation looking streaky. So again, I can see where they are going with a silicone contour set, perhaps it would work for cream contouring (something I don't do very often) but you would probably need to go over it with a beauty blender. It also has shocking reviews on Superdrug's website.

8. Benefit Galafornia Sunny Golden Pink Blusher - £24.50
  - This was recently released and was super popular because it looks so pretty in the box, but then people started realising the gold is just an overlay and underneath, the blush is nothing special. I don't see how they can call it a 'golden pink' blusher if the golden only lasts the first couple of applications. The pink colour also looks far too dark for porcelain skin. I realise that people often spend more than this on blushers but personally, I would not spend £24.50 on a blusher in the first place.

So those are all the current products that I've seen and decided I will not be purchasing! Let me know what products you are not interested in purchasing and why down in the comments!

Sarah (aka. Pale Princess) x