Best & Worst Beauty Blender Dupes

I personally love using beauty blender sponges to apply my foundation every day, to blend out my concealer and to apply translucent setting powder under my eyes. I've tried a lot of the Beauty Blender dupes and some of them are complete fails and some of them are great. If you've never used a Beauty Blender or a dupe for them, they work best when they are dampened (you can do this by soaking them under running water and squeezing out the excess water).

B. Latex Free Blending Sponge - £4.99
- This is one of the best dupes that I have found. It's affordable but it is quite often on offer in Superdrug. When dampened, it expands nicely and is soft and squishy when damp, which means it doesn't absorb too much product. These are pretty durable and last a long time, especially when you regularly wash them.

New Look Beauty Sponges x2 - £4.99
  - These sponges were a massive fail for me. They didn't really expand at all when damp and were far too dense and firm. They soaked up a very large amount of product and did nothing to blend out foundation! They come in a black and cream colour. Definitely not worth purchasing!

Boots Precision Application Blending Sponge - £3.50
  - This is a good blender for precise areas like underneath the eyes or for blending out cream contouring. It expands a little bit but it does go quite soft and squishy and doesn't absorb too much product. It is quite a small blender which doesn't make it very suitable for applying foundation but it is great for smaller areas.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge - £5.99
- This is a cult favourite beauty blender dupe so I'd be very surprised if you haven't heard of this or tried it. It is one of my favourite beauty sponges, it expands a lot and is very soft and squishy when damp. This sponge has a flat edge which is great for applying foundation or blending larger areas, and then it also has a pointed end which is good for more precise blending.

P.S Beauty Blending Sponge £1.00
- This is another fail of a beauty sponge for me. I've tried a few of the Primark beauty sponges and they've all been similar to the New Look Sponges - they are very dense and solid, absorb a lot of product and they don't really expand very much. They come in a few different varieties so the one in the photo is just one of the styles they do. The black beauty blender holder featured in these photos is from Primark for £2 (a set that included a sponge and the holder).

AOA Wonder Blender Sponge - $1.00
- For the price of these, they are one of my favourite sponges. They come in a huge variety of colours and they now do different shapes - the teardrop shape and the Real Techniques sponge shape. I always stock up on these sponges when I place an order with Shop Miss A. They expand a lot, are soft and they don't absorb much product and they blend out my foundation quickly an easily.

Real Techniques Mini Eraser Sponges x2 - £5.99
- These are basically little purple versions of their original Miracle Complexion Sponge, which are great for blending out small areas like concealer under your eyes. I do feel like they are slightly overpriced for the size of them, but you do get 2 in a pack. In my opinion, they are exactly the same quality as the original sponge so they are on my 'great' list.

So I hope this helps anyone looking to try (or avoid!) some beauty blender dupes - if you've never tried one, they are definitely worth trying! They are so versatile and can be used with so many beauty products.

Sarah (aka. Pale Princess) x