Current Home Fragrance Favourites

I had to do a blog post on my current favourite candles, diffusers and wax melts as I am obsessed with all 3 of those items! My personal favourite scents are sweet / vanilla fragrance, anything tropical / coconutty or fruity. I light candles pretty much every single day, I use wax melts in my wax melt warmer everyday and I always have diffusers in at least 3 rooms in the house! I've tried a million types of products and I probably have more favourites but these are some of my current favourite products. 

The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Scented Candle 200g - £10.00 
 - This was a limited edition candle around Christmas time last year and I've already got through one of them and repurchased it. This particular scent is no longer available (hopefully they will bring it out at Christmas again this year!) but I'm sure the other Body Shop candles will be just as good. This is a lovely scent, you can definitely smell the vanilla but it has a sort of cinnamon - spice smell to it so it's not too sweet. It's a lovely scent for the winter months and the candle itself lasted a long time. The only downside to this candle to me is that the actual jar is completely plain. Some people may prefer that but I thought it would at least say the scent name or The Body Shop on the candle. 

Avon Tropical Reed Diffuser 85ml - £8.00
   - I bought this diffuser last year in the summer time and it was the first Avon diffuser I had tried. I was blown away by how amazing it was! It lasted for a long time, (Avon claim that this diffuser lasts up to 8 weeks once opened) and it filled the room with lovely tropical scent (which is one of my favourite scents!). The bottle itself is beautiful and I think it is a bargain for £8! It became my absolute favourite diffuser so when it ran out and Avon had stopped selling it over the winter, my husband bought it off Amazon for a ridiculous price so I could have it again! Hopefully Avon are going to bring it back for the summer this year!  

WoodWick Wax Melts 85g - Vanilla Bean / Beach Broadwalk / Seaside Mimosa - £5.99
There is a huge variety of scents available from WoodWick and I own far too many of them! These three are just some of my favourites. My wax melt warmer is one of the electric warmers sold by WoodWick so I thought I had to buy some WoodWick wax melts to go with it! They aren't as strongly scented as some other wax melt warmers I have tried but they still let off a nice fragrance. If you prefer subtle wax melts that are not overpowering, you will probably like these. All of the packaging tells you exactly what the notes are in the fragrance, which is great if you're buying online or if you are interested to know what you are smelling! WoodWick wax melts are also available in single 'hourglass' melts for £2.29 each.

Home Inspirations Wax Melt Cubes 75g - Peach Smoothie / Vanilla Frosting / Caramel - £3.00 
 - These wax melts are available in Asda stores and online and they come in a variety of scents. 3 of my favourites are Peach Smoothie, Vanilla Frosting and Sweet and Salty Caramel (the Caramel scent was out at Christmas time and I don't think they stock them anymore but they may be re-released in the winter). These are huge cubes so you don't need to use more than one - unlike some wax melts and they last a relatively long period of time. 

Sanctuary Classic Fragrance Luxury Signature Candle 190g - £12.50
- If you've tried any of the Sanctuary bath products and you like the smell of their classic fragrance, you need this candle! It smells exactly like their bath products which I feel like is a very unique scent. This fragrance is described as 'notes of citrus, bergamot and jasmine, followed by a sensuous combination of vanilla, patchouli and sandal wood'. The candle is highly fragranced and I love to light it in the bathroom when I'm having a bath using their bubble bath! It makes the whole room smell lovely! It also comes in a lovely, solid box so would be great for a gift for someone or just as somewhere to keep the candle when you aren't using it. 

Essence 2 Wick Scented Candle - Brown Sugar Allspice - £2.99
  - These are a relatively new range to B&M and I was immediately drawn to them because they looked like the American Bath & Body Works candles and the scents were very similar. I've tried a few of these candles now and I LOVE them. They are probably my favourite candles ever (and I've tried a hell of a lot). They are so highly fragranced, they smell amazing and they last a very long time. They overpower a lot of my other candles if I light more than one. They are amazing quality for only £2.99. The current scent I have is Brown Sugar Allspice but I also like the Apple Orchard Scent and the Red Maple scent. I wish they did more variations! This candle is meant to last for 25 hours of burn time. 

Avon Salted Caramel Diffuser 50ml - £6.00
  - I bought this diffuser around Christmas time last year - the product had one of those rub and sniff thingys in the catalogue and I couldn't resist it. Both my husband and I love sweet scents so this was a great addition to our bedroom in the winter months. I kept walking into the room and wondering what smelt like sweet vanilla and caramel, then I would remember it was the diffuser. I keep it next to my dressing table on a shelf which means I can smell it while I'm doing my make up. It is still going strong now after quite a few weeks and I love the bottle it comes in. Avon claim that this diffuser lasts up to 5 weeks once opened. 

Home Inspirations Medium Candle 340g - Sweet & Salty Caramel - £9.00
  - This is another Asda purchase; my husband bought the large version of this candle from Asda for me for Christmas (the large candles are £12) and it lasted around 2 months of lighting it every other night! So before that one died, I managed to get a medium one in the sale when they were clearancing their old stock. The smell of the Sweet & Salty Caramel is delicious - but it is super sweet so if you don't like sweet scents, you won't be a fan of this! Home Inspiration candles are like the affordable range made by Yankee Candle and I swear they are just as good quality, but so much cheaper! They have quite a few different scents in the range available in Asda. 

Yankee Candle Scented Tea Light Candles - Honey Blossom x12 118g - £6.99
  - Obviously I couldn't do a blog post about home fragrance favourites without including at least one Yankee Candle product (although the Home Inspirations is also by Yankee Candle). I definitely prefer large jar candles but I do quite often use tealights as well and the Yankee Candle tea lights are the best I've tried. I was surprised I like the Honey Blossom scent as I'm not a fan of floral scents, however, these are slightly sweet and smell perfumey as opposed to straight up floral. Other favourites of mine are the Christmas Cookie tealights and the Vanilla Frosting Tealights from Yankee Candle.

Primark Pineapple & Guava Tin Candle - £2.50
  - I bought this candle in Primark at the weekend because it was such a lovely smelling candle! I didn't have any pineapple scented candles as I usually go for sweet / vanilla / coconut smelling candles. The candle came with a wax yellow pineapple on top of turquoise blue which looked super cute. Within the first hour of lighting the candle, the pineapple had gone, leaving just the turquoise blue. This candle smells amazing in the tin and leaves the whole room smelling amazing - it is very strongly fragranced! If you like tropical / pineapple scents, you will love this candle! I was actually shocked at the quality of it for such a low price! It's a great candle for the summer months when you want your room to feel all exotic! Primark claims that this candle has a burn time of 20 hours. 

 Airpure Wax Melts x8 - Apple Cinnamon 86g / Home Baking 86g - £1.00
I found these wax melts in B&M and I haven't seen them anywhere else but I'm sure other bargain shops stock them. These wax melts are some of my absolute favourites! Specifically, the scents Apple Cinnamon and Home Baking, although these are more Christmassy themed wax melts. They are very highly fragranced - I use them in my electric wax melt warmer in our bedroom and they can fill the whole of the upstairs with lovely fragrance. They scent lasts a lot longer than other wax melts that I've tried so for only £1.00 for 8 of them, they are an absolute bargain. There is not a huge variety of scents in the range, so hopefully they will bring out some more in the future.  

Let me know in the comments section what your favourite home fragrance products are!

Sarah (aka. Pale Princess) x