Top 10 NYX Products

For those of you who don't already know, NYX is an affordable American drugstore brand which came to the UK last year and is sold in larger Boots stores and on Boot's website. You can also purchase certain NYX products on websites such as Feel Unique, Selfridges and Very.

I've tried a ton of NYX products since they came out and I've liked everything that I've tried. The price usually ranges between £3-£15 depending on the item. These are 10 of the products that I've tried and really liked. So if you haven't tried NYX products before and don't know where to start, this might help!

1. HD Translucent Finishing Powder - £8.00 
     - This was one of the first products I tried from NYX based on the great reviews that it had and the fact that most drugstore brands in the UK do not do a translucent (that is actually translucent) setting powder that you can use for baking. The setting powder is finely milled, doesn't leave a white cast and keeps my under-eye concealer in place all day. I use it only under my eyes, to set my concealer and I use a beauty blender to apply it and leave it on while I'm applying my eye shadow then wipe the excess away. This is great for a few reasons, firstly, if there is any fall out from the eye shadow, when you wipe the powder away, it gets rid of all the fall out without smudging it. Also, I used to have issues with my mascara transferring to under my eyes or under my eye brows, this technique and powder stop this from happening. You get 8g of product in sturdy packaging (no mirror) and it lasts a long time. This product also comes in a colour correcting yellow or mint colour.

2. Ultimates Eye Shadow Palette - Warm Neutrals - £16.00
    - This is a relatively new release to NYX and contains 16 shades, with shimmer and matte shades. All of the eye shadows in this palette are pigmented, easily blendable and lovely warm shades. They don't kick up a lot of fall out or powder and the shimmers are very metallic. The packaging is very sturdy, but slightly bulky compared to some eye shadow palettes, so it may not be great for travelling, although the bulkiness protects the eye shadows in my opinion. This was very popular when it first came out so was sold out everywhere for a long time. It also comes in 3 other varieties; Smokey, Cool Neutrals and Brights. I've also inserted some swatches to show what these shadows looks like on pale skin.

3. Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade - Brunette - £5.50
     - This is a good brow pomade, it's very pigmented and applies nicely. You get 5g of product and a little goes a long way. The shade 'Brunette' is very cool toned and slightly ashy, I would have prefered a warm tone pomade for my hair colour but that's my mistake of ordering it online! My eyebrows are blonde naturally so I have to use this to colour them in effectively to match my dark purple hair. This works well to do this and it stays put all day. This product also comes in the shades: Blonde, Chocolate, Espresso and Black.

4. Full Coverage Concealer Jar - Porcelain - £5.50
      - This is a great full coverage concealer for pale skin! It is light enough to spot conceal or carve out your eyebrows (this is what I use it for predominantly) and it really is full coverage, but it doesn't look cakey. You get 6g of product and again, a little goes a long way. Really happy with this product from NYX and I think it is unique in it's type and shade for the UK drugstore. It also comes in 4 colour correcting shades and 8 skin colour shades, which I think is great for a concealer.

5. Matte Body Bronzer - 03 Medium - £7.00 
   - I'm not entirely sure why this is called a 'body bronzer' and not a 'face and body bronzer' but I use it purely on my face anyway. I have the shade 'Medium' which is the second lightest shade. It is a little bit warm, but I use it mainly for contouring and sometimes for bronzing up. This bronzer is very pigmented and very soft and creamy in texture. You get 9.5g of product, the packaging is sturdy and also comes with a mirror which is great. There are 5 different shades of this bronzer in total that are sold at boots, which again, I think is great because it means there should be a shade for everyone's skin tone.
6. Prismatic Single Eye Shadows - £5.00
    - These shadows are absolutely amazing quality. There are 23 metallic shades in the range and you get 1.24g of product in each eye shadow. The packaging is super cute with a bow on the front and is also pretty sturdy. I only have 3 of these currently - I've been trying to purchase 3 additional shades for a while but they always seem to be out of stock in store and online! They are super buttery in texture and very pigmented. The swatches show how pigmented and beautiful these shadows are so I don't really need to say much more about them! The shades that are swatched below are Punk Heart, Liquid Gold and Smoke and Mirrors (from left to right). 

7. High Definition Blush - Taupe - £5.50
     - This is a great product for pale skin, in this particular shade. It is a cult favourite for contouring (not for blush although it could be used as blush on those with deep skin tones). It is more dark reddish brown toned than orange or tan so it looks like a more natural shadow on the skin. It's highly pigmented and a soft texture. The blush comes in 24 shades (which is a very extensive colour range!) but I've yet to try any of the other shades so I can't report back on them. The packaging is again, sturdy and good quality with a little bow on the front and you get 4.5g of product.

8. Illuminating Bronzer - Ritualistic - £8.50 
     - I have no idea why this is called a 'bronzer' considering the shade range available. These are highlighting powders in a range of pink, brown, peach and white shades. The shade Ritualistic is a white shade, with a hint of gold but it is more white than gold. This is the perfect shade for pale princesses, as you can see from the swatch. It is a very pigmented highlighter but it is buildable, so you can create a more natural look with a light hand or a very bold glow if you prefer to dazzle like a disco ball (like me!). Again, this is very sturdy packaging, you get 8g of product and I've shown a swatch below on pale skin.

9. Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick - 03 Lace Detail - £6.50
    - This liquid lipstick comes in 12 nude shades, some darker, some lighter, some pinker and some browner. I have the shade 03 Lace Detail, which is one of the lighter nude with a beige and a slight pink undertone. The applicator is long, thin and flat making it easy to create precise application. The formula is somewhere in between a mousse and a liquid, which I personally like, and it is very pigmented. It dries down quickly and lasts a long time on the lips. It does feel slightly sticky, but only when you press your lips together and it can dry out your lips, but most matte liquid lipsticks will. It is also very smudge proof. 

10. Baked Blush - Chiffon & Journey - £6.50 each
     - These were also one of the first products I tried from NYX. I bought the shade Journey first, which is a pinker tone and loved it so much I decided to try Chiffon too (a more peach tone). These are actually quite different in consistency. Journey was much more creamy and easy to apply than Chiffon. I'm not sure if I got a dud product when I bought Chiffon but it is much drier and you have to really dig your brush in to get product up. However, it is actually great if I'm wanting a more natural blush of colour. They both have shimmer in them (Journey is more shimmery) and do have a slight glow when they're applied. This is why they claim to be a blush, highlighter and bronzer in one. Because they are baked, they can be used wet or dry. The packaging again comes with a little bow and is very sturdy, you get 6.5g of product and there are 12 shades in the range. I've included a swatch of these below, Chiffon is on the left and Journey is on the right.  

So I hope my little mini reviews, descriptions and swatches have been helpful to you. The quality of NYX products is fantastic and it was difficult to choose just 10 products that work for me. I will definitely be continuing to purchase more NYX products! They are great value for money, the packaging is consistently great quality and the shade range in almost every product is amazing. 

Sarah (aka. Pale Princess) x