10 Things Tall Girls Are Tired of Hearing

Being tall has it's advantages and disadvantages. I am 6 ft 1 (185cm) and I have always been tall - when I was at school, I was always the tallest in the class and I was 6 ft tall at 12 years old. By 16 years old, I was 6 ft 1. When you're this tall as a female, you attract a lot of attention - I can't walk into a room without people staring. They usually stare at my face and then you see their eyes drop down to look at my feet - because I must be wearing heels (I almost never am). So at 6 ft 1, there are certain comments and questions you hear almost every day - more so when you're younger I think. I've heard them all! So here's 10 questions and comments that tall girls are tired of hearing!

1. Do you play netball / basketball? 
 - I played netball for 8 years, so yes, I fit the stereotype of tall girls, but this is a question we hear so often it gets boring! Just because you're tall, does not mean that you are automatically athletic and lots of tall girls have no interest in sports!

2. What's the weather like up there? 
 - This one is normally followed by at least a chuckle from the person asking. In my 22 years of being tall, I still do not have a witty response to this one.

3. How tall are your parents? 
  - I can literally tell you word for word how this conversation goes as I've had it so many times - "My dad is 6 ft 8 and my mum is 5 ft 4" - "Oh my God, 6 ft 8! Wow that's tall. Wait, your mum is only 5 ft 4??! Bet that looks funny". We smile and agree, even though we've repeated this exact conversation 5 million times.

4. Can I cut off your legs and have some of your height? 
 - No. That would hurt.

5. We're all the same height lying down! 
 - This one is usually from a sleezy man trying to chat us up who is usually around a foot shorter than us.

6. Why do you wear heels?! You're tall enough already! 
- Firstly, what is "tall enough", is there a limit? Secondly, heels can make an outfit look a million times better, they make your legs and bum look better and I personally LOVE huge heels. But, comments like this make me almost never wear them.

7. Can you get that down for me off the top shelf? 
- Now this one, I don't mind so much - especially when it's a little old lady who genuinely needs the help. However, sometimes, you end up feeling like you work in every Asda or Tesco that you go to because so many people ask for your help - but you're not getting paid.

8. Are you sure you are 6 ft 1?? Because I think I am. 
 - I've been asked repeatedly throughout my life, "are you sure you're that tall?". I get asked almost every single day how tall I am. I've been measured by doctors around 50 times since I stopped growing. I think I know how tall I am.

9. Can I take a photo with you because you're so tall? 
- I think there's probably around 100 photos of me with strangers floating around the internet that I have never seen. This is usually in pubs or restaurants, not just people stopping me in the street, but it happens so often. Especially when the person wanting to be in the photo is 5 ft tall.

10. You must love being tall! 
 - When you go through school being seen as 'strange' because you're so tall, being called a giant you're whole life, being asked these questions or hearing these jokes every day, struggling to find clothing that fits you and then having to pay twice the price because of the extra material, it's not so fun being tall. You can never just blend into the crowd - people will always stare. Don't get me wrong, there are benefits to being tall - like being able to reach things on top shelves, getting served to buy alcohol at 14 years old, ending up with a modelling career, getting places quicker because you have long legs etc. etc. But it's not all that it's hyped up to be!

I know this blog post sounds a bit negative, but most the time, we smile and fake a chuckle when someone expects us never to have heard their comment or questions before. I am always polite to people when they ask me how tall I am and I ignore the comments of "wow! She's so tall!" or "Oh my God, look how tall she is!" every time I leave the house. As I say, there are benefits to being so tall and most days, I'm okay with my height. I like being tall, but I just wish I was a few inches shorter!

If you're tall like me, leave a comment and let me know how tall you are and what you're tired of hearing! I love meeting people who are tall like me - it pretty much means instant friendship when you find a fellow female who is over 6 ft tall!

Sarah (aka. Pale Princess) x