My Make Up Storage

My make up collection is really quite small compared to what a lot of people have but to others it might seem over the top. When I starting getting more interested in make up, I realised this stuff would no longer fit into one make up bag! So I purchased some different forms of storage in an attempt to organise the rapidly growing collection. I've left links to either the exact form of storage that I have for each section of make up or a similar product, although all of the acrylic storage came as clear plastic and I have covered them with black adhesive wrap.  You will realise, I am a bit gothic at heart so I love everything black!

Dressing Table (£125) & Chair (£18.00)
Again, these come separately and the table has a built in mirror which folds to close and 4 draws. 2 of the drawers are deep drawers and the other 2 are shallow. In one of the shallow drawers, I have my big eyeshadow palettes and in the other shallow drawer I have my hand creams and spare nail polishes, nail cuticle oils etc. In one of the deep drawers, I have all of my facial skincare products and in the other I have my body skincare products (e.g. body lotions).

LED Lights - (£8.00)
These were not included with the dressing table but they are available to buy from Ikea and very easy to fit. They plug into the wall so do not need batteries.

4 Tier Nail Polish Storage - (£15.79)
This stand holds around 40 nail polishes. I purchased mine on eBay and it came with black sides although you can get coloured versions or clear acrylic.

3 Drawer Acrylic Storage - (£12.37 each)
I have two of these 3 drawer storage next to each other which have been covered in black wrap (they arrived clear). In one set of 3 drawers, I have some single eyeshadows and cream eyeshadows. In the other, I have liquid lipsticks, lip glosses and lip-liners.

Make Up Brush Pots: - (approx £10 for all)
The large pot was £1.00 in B&M and they are available in cream, pale pink and blue (I painted mine black) and the middle pot was from Ikea and cost around £2 although I think it is no longer available. The small pot was from eBay and cost around £2. I have left a link for the pot on eBay, which is available in lots of different colours. The zebra print make up brush pot was from The Range and was around £2 - I keep most of my eyeshadow brushes in this.
I also have this desk top tidy, which was £3.29 and is available in a range of colours on eBay.
My main make up brush pots are kept on a black glass shelf (I bought this in B&M for £5).

Main Make Up Storage: (£35.99)
This again, came as clear acrylic and I have covered the sides of and back in black wrap. As you can see, I have lipstick holders on top (sold separately) and then each drawer contains different products.

Drawer 1 contains primers and foundations, drawer 2 contains concealers and powders, drawer 3 contains bronzers and blushers and drawer 4 contains highlighters and false eyelashes.

Drawer 5 contains small eyeshadow palettes, eyebrow products, eyeliners and mascaras. I made the dividers for the bottom drawer using cardboard and the black plastic wrap.

Lipstick Storage: (£2.96 each)
As you can see, on top of my main make up storage, I have two separate lipstick holders which each hold 24 lipsticks. The majority of my lipsticks are able to fit in these holders with the exception of No7 lipsticks. The two of these fit perfectly on top of the make up storage (check the measurements before you buy!). I keep my lipsticks and lip balms in this storage.

2 Small Black Drawers - £4
I bought this in Primark - I think they have stopped selling the black version now but I believe you can buy them in clear plastic still. In these two drawers, I have my lip butters and potted lip balms and in the second drawer I have tools such as tweezers and eyelash curlers.

I hope this has been helpful for anyone looking for new make up storage or organisation ideas!

Sarah (aka. Pale Princess) x

*This blog post is not sponsored in any way. I purchased all of these items myself. Some of the links will take you to eBay ads that are selling products for China - there are usually English / American versions which tend to be more expensive but will arrive much quicker.*