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TAM Beauty is name of the company who own Make Up Revolution, Freedom Make Up and I Heart Make Up and their website stocks all of these brands, alongside a few other brands (including Colourless Hair Colour Removal). All of their products are 100% cruelty free and do not tests on animals. These are 10 of my favourite products that I have purchased from Tam Beauty's website. Tam Beauty also offer free delivery in the UK on orders over £30.

1. Make Up Revolution Pro HD Amplified 35 Palette - Dynamic - £15.00 
Make Up Revolution recently came out with a range of palettes called the Amplified 35 Palettes, which a lot of people have compared to the Morphe palettes (which aren't much more expensive). I purchased the 'Dynamic' version of this palette because of the beautiful purple shades - I didn't have any palettes that were similar to this. First off, this palette is amazing. There are so many different looks you can do with this palette and the quality of the eyeshadows are amazing for the price. The mattes blend beautifully and both the mattes and shimmers are super pigmented and creamy. This palette is by far the best palette I have purchased from Make Up Revolution - the formula of the eyeshadows has definitely changed since previous palettes and it is even better than before! You also get a huge mirror in this palette. I will definitely be purchasing another one of the palettes from this collection in the very near future!

2. Goddess of Love Triple Baked Highlighter - Goddess of Faith - £4.99
I've spoken about this highlighter before - on my favourite highlighters for pale skin blog post. It's still one of my favourite highlighters, with a peachy undertone. It is a very intense highlighter, which gives an intense sheen and the 'wet look' - it is not overly glittery. Although the packaging is made of cardboard, it is very sturdy, but it is a bit bulky for travelling. This looks amazing over any foundation and it is well worth the £4.99! There is another shade that this highlighter comes in and there are also bronzer / blush varieties.

3. Freedom Professional Blush - True Loved - £1.00
If you haven't tried any of the Make Up Revolution or Freedom individual blushers, you definitely should! You can't go wrong for just £1! They come in a variety of shades - True Loved is a slightly coral - pink, it is quite pigmented and is super soft to touch. They are also very easy to blend out. The packaging on the Freedom individual blushers is more sturdy than the Make Up Revolution ones, which is why I included this particular blush in this blog post, but the quality of the product is similar. I would definitely recommend a light hand when applying this blush, especially if you have pale skin, as it is quite pigmented.

4. Make Up Revolution Pro Hygiene Antibacterial Brush Cleaner - £5.00
As I've mentioned previously in blog posts, I tend to use baby shampoo to deep clean my make up brushes and sponges, however, baby shampoo is not anti-bacterial and if you have acne prone skin, like myself, you need to be using some form of anti-bacterial cleaner as well. This is a great product for only £5! You get 200ml of product in the bottle and it is a spray bottle. Once I have washed my brushes with baby shampoo, I then place them on a face cloth (or a few!) to let them air dry and I spray them with this product. It has quite a strong chemical scent, however, it doesn't linger on the brushes and it doesn't leave the brushes feeling greasy or with any residue. I use this on my eyeshadow brushes as well and when they have fully dried and I use the brushes again, they don't make my eyes sting or anything, which I've found with previous brush cleaners.

5. Make Up Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighter - Ice Kiss - £5.00  
This is another relatively new product from Make Up Revolution and it was also featured in my best highlighters for pale skin blog post. As soon as I saw the photos of these highlighters, I was super excited for the shade Ice Kiss (there are also other varieties of this highlighter in darker shades). The pan this highlighter comes in is huge and you get 14g of product in it, along with a mirror. The packaging is rose gold and it is quite a thin compact. However, I'm not sure if it is just my one, or all of them, but it is really hard to open! The actual highlighter is beautiful - a pearlescent white with a hint of gold reflects. It is slightly more shimmery than the Goddess of Love highlighter so if you prefer a shimmery highlighter as opposed to a sheen, this is your best bet. Again, the quality of this is great for the price!

6. Freedom Pro Powder Strobe Palette with Brush - £10.00
I've never purchased a contour / strobing palette before this one, because the shades always look too dark or too orange for me. I went out on a whim buying this palette recently, as it looked quite cool toned and suitable for pale skin, and it also came with a contour brush. I was so pleasantly surprised by this palette! There is an amazing shimmer highlight which is perfect for pale skin and is very intense and the contour shades are great too! They are relatively cool toned and they blend out beautifully. They are pretty pigmented so you don't need to use a lot but not so pigmented that you end up applying too much too quickly! You also get a mirror with this palette so for £10, this is an amazing deal!

7. Make Up Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer - Golden Days - £4.00
I wasn't sure whether I would like this bronzer or not, as it looked quite shimmery on their website but the shade Golden Days is actually just slightly shimmery and gives you a beautiful glow! It is quite warm toned but doesn't look orange on my skin. The formula is very soft and doesn't kick up much powder at all. The packaging is sturdier than previous products I've tried from Make Up Revolution - I remember the packaging of their old highlighters, back when Make Up Revolution first came out, used to fall apart after a few times of using them! This is a really nice natural looking bronzer for pale skin, if you want to look like a semi-bronzed goddess - let's be honest, us pale princesses can never be fully bronzed goddesses without a little help from fake tan!

8. I Heart Make Up Chocolate Bar Palette - £7.99 
I've spoken about these palettes before but I had to mention them again because they are some of my absolute favourite drugstore eyeshadow palettes! They all come with a mirror and contain a mixture of mattes and shimmers. The shimmer shades are so buttery and creamy and they look foiled / metallic when applied to the eyes - you can make this more intense using a spray like Mac Fix+. The mattes are also super pigmented and they blend out beautifully. I have the palettes, Vice, Naked and the Original Chocolate Bar and they are all amazing! You can create a variety of looks with each palette and the packaging is very sturdy! They do have a slight scent to them, which I personally like, which is slightly sweet and smells of vanilla.

9. Freedom Pro Duo Brow Powder - Dark Brown - £4.00
Freedom are becoming a more well known brand but I wouldn't say they are as popular as Make Up Revolution or I Heart Make Up, although in my opinion, the products are just as good! This is another favourite purchase from Tam Beauty. I have blonde eyebrows (as I'm naturally blonde) but dark purple hair, so I have to colour in my eyebrows everyday! Although this is just a basic, duo powder, it is great quality. It is very pigmented and it isn't too powdery. I have the shade Dark Brown, although I would say the powder is not very dark, so it is better used when my hair is a bit lighter (between dying it). This shade is quite ashy coloured, so bare that in mind when choosing a shade. You also get a little mirror in the compact and it is very small but sturdy!

10. Make Up Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit - Ultra Fair C01 - £3.50
I bought this after seeing a YouTuber raving about it repeatedly and I was not disappointed. You get a blush, highlighter and bronzer in one, for only £3.50! I have the shade Ultra Fair, C01 and all 3 products are great for pale skin. The blusher is a shimmery one, so bare that in mind if you would prefer a matte blusher, but it is a peachy, pinky, coral shade which gives you a nice glow. The bronzer is quite neutral toned - not too warm but not cool. I wouldn't necessarily use it for contouring as I prefer a cool toned contour shade, but I do like it for bronzing my face! The highlighter is super intense and is peachy / champagne toned. All 3 products are very soft and buttery and they are pretty pigmented to. This is a great product for the price!

So that's just 10 of my favourite products that I have purchased from Tam Beauty's website and they are all super affordable and great quality.

Also, just as a disclaimer, this blog post is not sponsored or in affiliation with Tam Beauty and I purchased all of the products with my own money.

Sarah (aka. Pale Princess) x