Eyeshadow Shades To Suit Your Eye Colour

Although there are no rules to make up, if you're a beginner or simply just wanting to know what make up to buy next, this guide will help you determine which eyeshadow shades you should be sticking to if you want to enhance your eye colour. This is just based on my personal opinion and research from make up artists and experts - if you want to experiment with bright colours, you do that! Do whatever makes you happy! But if you are looking for some inspiration or a rough guide of what will suit your eye colour, look no further!

Green Eyes: 
I have green eyes and I have experimented a lot with different colours of eyeshadow - obviously a lot of your eyeshadow choice is based on personal preference but I have found that blue eyeshadow does not work with my eye colour at all!

For green eyes, it's best to stick with the following: 
- Purple / Plum Shades
- Neutral browns / Burgundy
- Khaki / Dark Green Shades
- Golds / Bronze

One of my new favourite eyeshadow palettes for green eyes is the Make Up Revolution Amplified 35 Palette in Dynamic (£15.00) which is available in Superdrug stores (and online) or Tam Beauty's website.

Blue Eyes: 
Bright coloured blue eyes tend to be a bold enough colour on their own, so you don't want to mix too many bright colours.

The best colours for blue eyes tend to be: 
- Greys / Taupe Shades
- Silver Shades
- Violet / Purples
- Champagne / Rose Shades

A great palette for blue eyes is the Make Up Revolution Salvation Palette Pro Girl Panic (£6.00) which is available in Superdrug stores or online. Specifically, the champagne and pink colours are great for blue eyes but you've also got a bit of colour with the silvery / blue shade and deep purple.

Brown Eyes: 
Brown eyes are probably the most versatile colour in terms of eyeshadows; if you have brown eyes, you can afford to go brighter or bolder with eyeshadow without risking the colours clashing.

The following is a good reference for what colours suit brown eyes the best: 
- Copper / Bronze
- Gold / Champagne
- Pink Shades
- Blues / Green Shades

If you have brown eyes, you might be interested in the I Heart Make Up Fast Love palette (£8.99) which is available on Tam Beauty's website. It has a range of bright colours as well as some golds and neutral shades that work great on brown eyes.

Just as a disclaimer, I am not a make up artist and this is based on my personal opinion and experience - anyone can use any shades of eyeshadow they choose. If you're new to make up, neutral browns and beiges are a good place to start, no matter what your eye colour is!

Sarah (aka. Pale Princess) x