Cruelty Free Make Up & Beauty

Since 2013, animal tested cosmetics have been banned in the EU, however, some ingredients within the cosmetics can still be tested. Companies who sell in China are required to test on animals by law. You might have heard of L'Oreal's shocking reputation for animal testing - they are a huge company who own many cosmetic and beauty brands, including Lancome, NYX, The Body Shop, Urban Decay, Maybelline and Essie - amongst others. L'Oreal claims they no longer test on animals themselves, however, they do allow animal testing and they pay for it. Some of the brands that L'Oreal own do not test on animals.

If you've read my blog before, you probably know that I love animals - I have two dogs. Unfortunately, it is difficult to be addicted to make up and beauty products and not purchase some products that have been tested on animals. Also, often even if a brand is cruelty free, they may be part of a company who does test on animals, so a lot of people argue by buying those products you are still contributing to a non-cruelty free company. So I will not claim that I only buy cruelty free products, but I am usually drawn to brands that do not test on animals. So here is a list of the companies that are cruelty free:

1. e.l.f
As far as I know, e.l.f has always been cruelty free and it just shows that cruelty free does not have to mean expensive. e.l.f is now available in Superdrug or on e.l.f's website. I've done a blog post on the Best e.l.f Products, if you're interested. 

2. Essence
This one surprised me while I was doing my research for this blog post - I didn't know that Essence were cruelty free. They are a very affordable brand that is available in Wilko or online. 

3. Barry M
This is another brand that I didn't know was cruelty free as they don't outwardly rave about it. I haven't tried many Barry M products other than their nail polishes but I've bought more products to try from them recently and will be trying more now that I know they are cruelty free! 

4. The Body Shop
I think most people are aware that The Body Shop are cruelty free as they make this quite well known. Again, although they are owned by L'Oreal, The Body Shop products are cruelty free. I've also got a blog post on my favourite Body Shop products.

5. Lush
Lush is another very popular beauty brand, known mostly for their bath products and face masks all over the world. I think it's great that brands such as Lush & The Body Shop offer such great products and they are both cruelty free. 

6. Illamasqua
A lot of people seem to think that high end brands are never cruelty free, but this brand, along with a few others prove that that is not the case. Illamasqua is also a British company (which there aren't many of these days!) 

7. The Balm
The Balm is a relatively expensive drugstore brand that is available in Superdrug, known mostly for their cult favourite highlighter. I didn't know that The Balm were cruelty free until now. 

8. Make Up Geek
Make Up Geek is very popular in America and I can see why - their eyeshadows are the best you can get in my opinion! I've written a blog post on Make Up Geek eyeshadows if you want to check it out.

9. Kat Von D
Kat Von D products are finally available in the UK, we've been able to buy them on Debenhams website but this month, they have been placed into Debenhams stores all over the country. Kat Von D is not only cruelty free, but it is very pale princess friendly! Their foundation shade range is insane and you WILL find one pale enough! 

10. Gosh
Gosh is a brand that is available in Superdrug and is on the more pricey side. I haven't tried many Gosh products but I think it's great that there are so many brands available in Superdrug that are cruelty free. 

11. NYX
Although L'Oreal own the brand, NYX products are cruelty free. NYX are available in larger Boots stores and online in Feel Unique, ASOS and a ton of other shops. I've got a blog post on my Favourite NYX Products if you're interested.

12. Urban Decay
In the same way that NYX is owned by L'Oreal but is still cruelty free, Urban Decay is the same. It's very easy for people in the UK to get their hands on Urban Decay products now, in John Lewis, Debenhams, Feel Unique etc. 

13. MUA
Again, another brand that is available in Superdrug, is cruelty free and is super affordable. I love MUA products and I will continue to purchase products from them! 

14. Sleek 
I love Sleek eyeshadow palettes and their highlighters so I'm happy that they are another drugstore, cruelty free brand. Sleek is available in Superdrug and Boots stores and was also the sponsor of Britain's Next Top Model this year. 

There are quite a few other brands that are cruelty free but we would be here all day if I listed them all. Just quickly, here are some of the brands that are NOT cruelty free: 

1. Avon
2. Benefit
3. Estee Lauder
4. Clinque
5. Max Factor
6. Dove
7. Revlon
8. MAC
9. Maybelline

I hope this helps educate people about the different brands that are and are not cruelty free! 

Sarah (aka. Pale Princess) x