22 Things I've Learnt In 22 Years

My 22nd birthday is fast approaching and it made me start thinking how much has changed over the years. I never thought that I would have been married for nearly 2 years, living in Scotland, about to finish my Psychology degree, with 2 beautiful dogs at the age of 22. Just goes to show, you never really know where life is going to take you, who you're going to lose along the way or who you're going to gain. But I do know that I'm very blessed to have such amazing people in my life and to be living the life that I am. So, here is 22 things I've learnt in the last 22 years! 

1. You leave school thinking you will stay friends with everyone. In reality, you will probably stay in regular contact with one or two people.

2. Your school years are some of the best and easiest of your life.

3. 22 year olds are not adults. They are pretending to be adults and if in doubt, will always look for an older adult who is better at adulting.

4. Having your heart broken is part of life. You will move on from it, no matter how much it hurts at the time.

5. If you’re not happy with something in your life, you should do everything in your power to change it.

6. You will appreciate everything your parents did for you and for the house when you move out.

7. Age is just a number. If you're 18 years old and want to be with someone who is old enough to be your parent, who cares, as long as you're happy. If you are 20 years old and want to be friends with people who are 40 years old, do it. Age differences usually just means you have differing levels of life experience - you're all still human. 

8. It is important to appreciate the beauty that is everywhere around you. If you live by the sea, appreciate the water. If you live in a city, appreciate the diversity of people. If you live in the countryside, appreciate the greenness.

9. Making negative comments about others just spreads negativity. It doesn’t make you feel better and it can make them feel horrible. It’s not worth it. Instead, spread positivity.

10. Everyone is beautiful in some way, look for the beauty in everyone, instead of criticising.

11. Spending some time alone everyday will do wonders for your stress levels and your state of mind. 

12. Be kind to people – like that girl behind the counter. Don’t look down on her because she works in a shop, she could be a student, she could be a mother, she could be working hard to earn money to better herself.

13. You don’t always know what people are going through behind closed doors. That girl in school who doesn’t have the latest phone or nicest trainers, her family could be struggling. That girl you call fat, might have an eating disorder. That girl you call ‘spotty’ might have tried everything to cure her acne but nothing has worked.

14. If you find someone who truly loves you for who you are and doesn’t expect anything from you, whether that’s a friend or partner, hold onto them, because that’s hard to find.

15. Money isn’t everything. Yes, it’s nice to have money and to have nice things, but don’t get so caught up in saving or working so much that you forget to experience life and make memories.

16. Don’t always believe everything that you hear about someone. Get to know them yourself before making your mind up based on someone else’s opinion.

17. If someone needs your help, do everything you can in your power to help them. You don’t know when you will need someone’s help too and chances are, it will mean the world to them that you went out of your way to help them.

18. Your life will not always go according to the way you’ve planned it, but that’s okay. If it’s meant to be, you will get there. Sometimes your life works out better than you could’ve imagined.

19. Don’t spend your life glued to your phone. As much as we think we are being sociable on social media, usually it’s the opposite. If you’re spending time with your friends, talk to them. If your child, cat or dog wants your attention, put your phone down. If you’re out for a meal, leave your phone in your bag. If you’re travelling, take a ton of photos but make sure you appreciate what is around you.

20. You should spend as much time with your grandparents and other older family members as much as you can. You don’t realise when you’re younger that they won’t be around forever and chances are, they did a lot for you when you were a child.

21. That thing you hate about yourself, some else loves or wants. We are never happy with what we have.

22. Do what makes you happy. I’m not going to claim to understand the meaning of life or our purpose, but to me, it seems pretty simple. If you’re not happy, your not enjoying your life. If that person makes you happy but others don’t like them, do it anyway. If you like doing something but you aren’t very good at it, do it anyway. Why does it matter what people think of you? Why does it matter if you’re not great at it? If you enjoy it, do it.

Sarah (aka. Pale Princess) x