Best Hair Masks For Dry / Damaged Hair

If you read my last blog post on hair care products, you'll already know a bit about my hair journey. If not, I'll just fill you in quickly. I currently have very long, thick hair which is dyed dark purple. I have been dark purple for around 2 and a half years now and I love it. From the age of 15-18, I bleached my hair regularly, changing between bleach blonde and dark brown every 6 months or so. That killed my hair and at one point, it was like cotton wool / straw. It was horrific. The point that I've got my hair to now is amazing considering what I've done to it. My ends are a tad dry but otherwise, my hair is healthy. I continue to use hair masks regularly to keep my hair in good condition and to repair any damage that is left. These are some of my favourite hair masks of all time - and I've tried a lot!

1. John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner Mask - 150ml - £6.99
   - I hadn't tried many products from John Frieda before I tried this range - I bought the hair mask along with the shampoo and conditioner and I loved all of them. They really do feel like they add hydration to my hair without weighing it down. It has a typical shampoo scent to it, nothing over powering and it has a relatively thin consistency compared to other hair masks I've tried. I have also now tried the 'Strengthen & Restore' version from the Full Repair range and I don't like them as much as the 'Hydrate and Rescue', although this could be because I feel like my hair needs hydration more than strengthening now. You do only get 150ml in the pot, which is less than certain other hair masks on this list but I still think it is worth the money and I would definitely recommend it.

2. Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque - 470ml - £22.50
 - This hair mask comes in two sizes, the 470ml or 236ml (the most random sizes ever..) and you can find this hair mask on Amazon, eBay or in the smaller size, The price varies massively depending on where you get it from. My hair absolutely loves the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment so I thought I would give this a go too. It is a very thick mask but it washes out easily after using and it leaves my hair feeling nourished and healthy. I use it when my hair feels like it needs a little bit more than a standard hair mask. It has a pleasant scent to it but it actually smells quite different to the oil from the range, which surprised me.

3. Oilology Coconut Oil Hair Mask - 226ml - £7.99
 - I have mentioned this hair mask before but it is a relatively new discovery for me and it quickly became one of my favourites. I love the smell - coconutty as you would expect and it works wonders on my hair. It leaves my hair super soft, silky and hydrated! More so than any other mask I've tried. It is a thinner consistency compared to other hair masks I use regularly but you still don't need to use a massive amount to cover your hair. My hair doesn't actually like pure coconut oil so I wasn't really expecting to love this product (usually Macadamia Oil is the only type of oil my hair loves) but my hair seems to love this product too. I will definitely be repurchasing this hair mask again and again. You can find this hair mask at TKMaxx stores or online.

4. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long Treatment - 250ml - £4.99
 - I mentioned these hair masks in my last hair care blog post but I had to include them in this one as well. Two of my favourites from the range are the Luscious Long and the Reconstructor. Both are amazing, they smell tropically / shea buttery and they work wonders for your hair. The formula is relatively thick and you don't need to use a massive amount to cover your hair. Also the squeezy bottle is very easy to use, especially if you are in the shower. You can leave them in for 3 minutes or as long as you want, which makes it easy to use in the shower if you are in need of a deep treatment for your hair but don't have much time.

5. Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Rescue Masque - 150ml - £6.99
  - Again, I hadn't really tried Charles Worthington products before this one but I have already repurchased this hair mask twice along with the leave in conditioner from the range. It has quite a sweet, perfumey scent and it's a good consistency - not too thick and not too thin. I do find that it adds hydration to my hair, makes it easier to brush and leaves it feeling very soft and silky. They did recently change this hair mask, from a 'Mineral Hair Rescue Masque' to an 'Intensive Oil Rescue Mask'. I have both of these but I haven't tried the oil version yet, however, they smell exactly the same. You can find Charles Worthington in Boots stores or online.

6. Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment - 200ml - £8.49
  - A lot of people are sceptical about how well these 'hair growth' products can work. Personally, I am a big believer in them. I've used all of the products from the Lee Stafford Hair Growth range and I genuinely think it helped my hair to grow as long as it is now. It won't work an overnight miracle and give you rapunzel hair, but if you feel your hair has stopped growing past a certain length (as the slogan says!) this actually does work in my opinion. I partciularly like the leave in spray and this hair mask from the range. It is a thick mask so you don't need to use much, it leaves my hair feeling nice afterwards but my main reason for using it is to make my hair grow. I pay particular attention to my roots when I use this because obviously that's where your hair grows from! As with most Lee Stafford products, they have a strong perfume scent which does last in your hair (which I personally like) so if you don't like that, I would skip any Lee Stafford products. You can find Lee Stafford in Boots stores or online.

7. Bleach London Reincarnation Mask - 200ml - £6.00
  - I bought this hair mask a little while back based on the amazing reviews it had on I'll be completely honest about it - I think this product is AMAZING for really damaged hair, so overly bleached, straw-like, brittle hair. It really does feel like it repairs your hair as if by magic, BUT, if you have slightly dry hair like mine is now, I don't feel like it does a massive amount. I feel like it strengthens my hair slightly but it doesn't add any hydration (it doesn't claim to do that). I bought this for a friend who had killed their hair with bleach and she really liked it. This is a product that I wish I had discovered back when my hair was dead. It doesn't smell overly strong but it does have a slight perfume scent I would recommend it to anyone with very damaged hair, but if your hair is in okay - good condition, I would skip this.

8. Boots Beautiful Hair Moisture & Nourish Mask - 350ml - £3.50
  - This was a new purchase for me, I bought it because it had amazing reviews and it was on sale for £1.75! I thought for the amount you get in the pot and that price, it would be stupid not to try it. There is not an overpowering scent to it, it kind of just smells like a basic conditioner. The formula is quite thick - not the thickest hair mask I've tried and not the thinnest, but you don't need to use a lot. I leave it on my hair for about half an hour and my hair does feel super soft and shiny after I've rinsed it out. I do also feel like it made my hair much easier to brush afterwards. Overall, I think this is a great hair mask for the price! I also bought this for a friend and they said it works wonders on their kid's thick, curly hair when you can't get a brush through it.

9. Andrew Barton Protect My Colour Treatment Mask - 250ml - £4.00
  - I hadn't tried any of the Andrew Barton hair products before this one and the only reason I tried it was because I didn't have any hair masks (besides an Aussie one) that was specifically for coloured hair. I saw this in Asda and thought it was worth giving a go. It has quite a strong sweet scent and again, it's a good texture, not too thick and not too thin. I use this for a while after I've had my hair coloured and it definitely prolongs the colour and makes it more vibrant. It is also a nice hair mask anyway, leaving my hair manageable and soft. I will definitely be trying a few of the other hair masks in this range (once I've got through some of the current hair masks I have!).

Hope this helps anyone looking to expand their hair care collection with a new hair mask! I'm always on the look out for new hair masks so if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to leave them below in the comments!

Sarah (aka. Pale Princess) x