14 Things I Wish My Dogs Knew

1. You are my companions, my best friends and I am so grateful and lucky to have you both in my life. 
2. Even when you destroy something or do something wrong, I still love you unconditionally.
3. If I tell you off, it's because you did something that could have hurt you, like eating something you shouldn't or running off, and I can't bear the thought of losing you.   

4. I miss you when I'm at work.    

5. I'm sorry for all the times you wanted attention and I was glued to my phone or went out and didn't take you with me.    

6. When I take you to the vets because there's something wrong with you, I am doing it because I want to help and fix you.   
7. You can make me smile without doing anything.

8. If people used to come round and they don't anymore, it's not because they stopped loving you.
9. You are my entire life. I value you and love you more than I do for most people.   

10. I talk about you to everyone, saying how amazing and beautiful you are.    

11. I want you both to have the best life possible, full of exciting adventures, fun games, yummy food and lots of cuddles on the sofa.    

12. Ruby - when I say that you are the "bestest dog in the whole wide world" and you wag your tail at me and look at me gratefully, I really mean it. You've been through hell before you came to us and yet you are still the most amazing, loving and affectionate dog.   

13. Mia - you are the most entertaining, ridiculously cute, naughty little monster and I love you exactly the way you are. Even when you've shredded the house, you're still adorable.  

14. I worry everyday about the day that I won't be able to see your faces anymore or give you cuddles. I pray you won't be taken away from me anytime soon and you will live healthy, happy and long lives, because I can't bear to think about life without you both.      

Sarah (aka. Pale Princess) x