Customised Make Up Geek Eye Shadow Palette

So for those of you who don't know, Make Up Geek is an American company who sell single pan eye shadows along with many other great products. A few other companies also sell single eye shadows, such as Mac, Morphe and Anastasia Beverly Hills. You can then buy a Z palette, which is an empty magnetic palette which you can mix and match your single eye shadow pans into, making your very own customised eye shadow palette. This also means that if you use up certain shadows before others, you don't have to repurchase the whole palette, you can just buy individual replacements. The Z Palette's come in different styles and different sizes.

I decided to just purchase a range of Make Up Geek single eye shadows and a zebra print large Z palette, which fits up to 27 single eye shadows. I purchased all the eye shadows and the Z Palette from a website called Beauty Bay. Beauty Bay currently stock 89 matte and shimmer shades, 24 foiled shades and 10 duo-chrome shades of the Make Up Geek eye shadows.

                                                            Zebra Z Palette - RRP: £17.50

So in this palette I have a mixture of matte, shimmer, duo-chrome and foiled eye shadows and they are all Make Up Geek shadows. I've listed each name down below so that you can see what they look like up close, in case you're interested in buying any of them yourself.

Shades from left to right: 
Baby Face (Matte) - £6.00
Vanilla Bean (Matte) - £6.00
Shimma Shimma (Shimmer) - £6.00
Creme Brulee (Matte) - £6.00
Bake Sale (Matte) - £6.00
Frappe (Matte) - £6.00
Latte (Matte) - £6.00
Brownie Points (Matte) - £6.00
Mocha (Matte) - £6.00

Shades from left to right:
Hipster (Matte) - £6.00
Pretentious (Shimmer) - £6.00
Ritzy (Duo-Chrome) - £6.00
Dirty Martini (Matte) - £6.00
Take Two (Foiled) - £9.25

Shades from left to right: 
Lucky Penny (Shimmer) - £6.00
Country Girl (Shimmer) - £6.00
Cocoa Bear (Matte) - £6.00
Cabin Fever (Matte) - £6.00
Cherry Cola (Matte) - £6.00
Steampunk (Duo-chrome) - £6.00
Showtime (Foiled) - £9.25
Americano (Matte) - £6.00
Corrupt (Matte) - £6.00

Shades from left to right: 
In the Spotlight (Foiled) - £9.25
Legend (Foiled) - £9.25
Grandstand (Foiled) - £9.25
Mesmerised (Foiled) - £9.25
Showtime (Foiled) - £9.25
Take Two (Foiled) - £9.25

And I've also included some swatches so you can see what some of the colours look like on skin. 

These are the 6 foiled eye shadows that I own (from left to right) - In the Spotlight, Grandstand, Legend, Mesmerised, Showtime and Take Two. They are super buttery in texture, pigmented, metallic, stay put all day and look beautiful. My favourites and most used are Legend and Grandstand. These shadows work best with a flat eye shadow brush and if you want an extra pop of colour, use a setting spray like Mac Fix + on your eye shadow brush before dipping into the colour. 

These are 6 additional shades to show how pigmented they are and the colour they are when swatched. 

All of the Make Up Geek shadows are creamy, easily blended and highly pigmented. They are the best shadows I've ever tried. From left to right: Dirty Martini, Cherry Cola, Corrupt, Cocoa Bear, Ritzy and Steampunk. It's difficult to catch on camera, but Ritzy is a duo-chrome which is a dark red/ pink colour with lime green / gold flecks. It's a very interesting colour which is very unique! And Corrupt is a very very pigmented, true matte black colour, which is hard to find in eye shadows. 

*This blog post is not sponsored by Beauty Bay or Make Up Geek. I just think the eye shadows are worth raving about!* 

Sarah (aka. Pale Princess) x