My Perfect Colour Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation - Double Wear Dupe?

So I purchased this foundation just over a month ago - I was checking out the new beauty products in Primark and I happened to swatch this foundation and was super surprised by how pale the shade was, so I had to buy it! I was also intrigued by the 'double cover' claim. I do also have the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and it is a favourite foundation of mine. If you've not read a blog post of mine before, I have very pale, acne prone, combination / oily skin which has a lot of redness from Rosacea.

I have the shade Porcelain in the Primark Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation and the shade 1C0 Shell in the Estee Lauder Double Wear. These foundations currently retail for £5 (Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation) and £33.50 (Estee Lauder Double Wear). In terms of the shades - the Primark foundation is actually paler than the palest shade of the Estee Lauder foundation and it is slightly more pink toned than the Estee Lauder Double Wear.

Left - Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation / Right - Double Wear Foundation

The first time I tried this foundation, I loved it! I told a few of my friends that it reminded me of the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and I said I was super impressed with it for £5. Everytime I saw posts on Facebook asking what beauty products people would recommend from Primark, I jumped straight on their post and recommended this foundation. Fast forward a few weeks and suddenly EVERYONE is talking about this foundation and saying it's a Double Wear dupe. Then more recently, I've seen a few posts since claiming that all the bloggers and vloggers saying that this is a dupe are obviously being paid to say it because it's terrible. So I'll let you know my honest opinion right now and I am most definitely not being paid to say this.

I think the main similarity between the Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation and the Double Wear Foundation is the square glass bottle with a screw cap lid - on my Double Wear bottle, I use a Mac pump because it's so much easier than trying to pour out the right amount! The formula of these two foundations is similar, although the Double Wear is slightly more liquidy and lightweight in my opinion. The coverage of the two foundations is very similar - a high medium coverage which is buildable. To some people, these might be considered full coverage but in comparison to my Holy Grail Dermacol and Marc Jacobs Remarcable, they aren't quite full coverage. I also find the two foundations have similar lasting power - both foundations tend to last about 8-9 hours on my skin (combination / oily skin). For all my pale princesses out there, neither of these foundations oxidise (so rare for a cheaper foundation!) and they are great shades for pale skin. The Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation contains 32ml of product, which is 2ml more than the Double Wear foundation (most foundations contain 30ml of product).

I find that both of these foundations have a similar finish - not fully matte but not dewy (I find the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation is fully matte). They both apply nicely with a sponge or brush, although my preference is a damp Beauty Blender to apply most foundations. Neither of the foundations really have a scent, if anything, they smell quite fresh. The Double Wear foundation contains SPF 10, while the Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation contains SPF 15.

I've swatched some of my other pale foundations to show a comparison of the shades:

(left to right - Primark Longwear (Porcelain), Estee Lauder Double Wear (1C0 Shell), Fit Me Matte & Poreless (100), Kat Von D Lock It (L42), The Ordinary Coverage (1.0N), CYO Long Lasting (101)

In terms of shades, which I know a lot of people have slated Primark for, the Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation comes in 5 shades (that I've seen) and the Double Wear comes in 29 shades! However, the Estee Lauder foundation currently retails for £33.50 in Boots, so it's possible to buy more than one shade of the (£5) Primark foundation to mix until you get the right shade, then you also have more product and you will still be saving a ton of money!

So to summarise my thoughts on the Primark My Perfect Colour Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation, this is a great affordable foundation for £5 and it is very similar to the Estee Lauder Double Wear, despite what a few people have said! Having said that, foundations will always work differently on different skin types, so what works for me will not necessarily work for you, but I would definitely recommend giving this foundation a try!

- Good coverage
- Long lasting
- Great pale shade
- Doesn't oxidise 
- More product than the average foundation
- Very affordable

- Bottle doesn't come with a pump
- Not many shades in the range

Let me know what you think of these foundations in the comments section below, do you think it is a dupe? 

Sarah (aka. Pale Princess) x